A “must-read” for all marketing professionals

The immediate challenges of creating valuable web content can be met with the simple process of outsourcing to a qualified and competent partner.

“Content marketing has become central to digital marketing strategies….”

“…Its objective is simple: create genuinely useful or entertaining content for many specific niches of your target audience – not to overtly promote your business, but to build rapport and brand equity – and give it away for free.”

“…In a recent survey, 3 out of 4 of marketing professionals said “creating original content” and have the “time to create original content” were their top content marketing challenges.”

“Your objective is indeed simple – to connect with your target audience, with a message that resonates and engages. Having a good content partner in your corner will help you achieve that objective in the most cost-effective way possible…….

The objectives are simple. The execution isn’t… You’ll find the greatest success using  a partner…”

Scott Brinker, Conversion Science, Search Engine Land (11 May 2011)

In the full text, he goes on to suggest how to:

  • pick a good content partner
  • create good content
  • market the content successfully

A good content partner:

  • has access to an ample selection of professional editorial talent and a proven track record of producing quality content…. on schedule.
  • specializes in your industry. Educating your content partner is time consuming and unnecessarily expensive. An established, specialized service is more likely to be trusted within that industry.
  • has  experience in creating content in multiple formats since the messages you’re communicating may be best communicated in multiple formats.
  • offers turnkey service, from concept and creation through to audience development and distribution
  • can host and syndicate your content if that’s what you choose. Look for flexibility, customization, and attention to your content and distribution needs.
  • has access to a large community of users in your industry.
  • can provide you with examples and references of a solid, successful content marketing programme.

Edit’s well-known and experienced Editorial Team, together with their trusted Partners & Associates, uniquely fulfil all the criteria. Mr Brinker could have been writing about us and our PR-Plus Content Generation & Media service (although he didn’t know it) and we can prove it!

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