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44 tweets that will be too real for SEOs in 2019

ARTICLE BY Stephen Kenwright
READ TIME: 6 mins
21st January 2019

I wrote this post in Excel using CONCATENATE and it doesn’t get any more SEO than that.

1. When my family doesn’t really understand what I do

2. When I’m planning an expert roundup

3. When I respond to expert roundups

4. When I still haven’t found a replacement for Google Reader

5. …but I can hang out with my SEO friends on Twitter

6. I guess I can just bookmark all the SEO news sites

7. Or log into LinkedIn

8. When I’ve done SEO for too long and now it’s everywhere I look

9. How strangers know I’m awesome at SEO

10. When I’m trying to do a site audit

11. Fire up the toolkit

12. Can’t wait to try the latest tech

13. Good job I found all these problems, amiright?

14. These are going straight to the top of the queue, I just know it

15. Can’t wait to talk it through in the monthly meeting

16. I just know the developers will thank me for spotting this stuff

17. When I’m trying to do a backlink audit

18. …and wondering if Google actually uses my disavow file

19. …and what a good link even is

20. When I find an unlinked mention from years ago

21. When it’s only January and I’m already thinking of seasonal keywords

22. Getting ready for another viral campaign

23. All I do is win

24. When I get dragged to a brightonSEO “after party”

25. When I go to 15 conferences a week

26. …and go back to the office

27. When I speak at 15 conferences a week

28. …and manage to start a conversation about new business

29. When I skip the conference and learn from #SEOExperiments instead

30. …but I know it’s my duty to disagree

31. …instead of doing client work

32. I knew this stuff anyway

33. When my agency gets acquired by a network

34. It’s OK because we’re not like other agencies

35. When I’m looking back to when I started

36. I was an absolute SEO unit

37. …I used to do things properly

38. Now I’m just bitter

39. Cynical

40. Just can’t let anything go

41. I mean, the internet doesn’t run without me

42. Maybe I should quit and become an affiliate

43. Looks pretty easy

44. …

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