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Tom Armenante

    In today’s digital world, webmasters are trying their hardest to obtain as many visits to their site as possible, then invest a lot of money trying to make users convert when they arrive there. By answering one simple question – ‘Who isn’t showing my website?’ – allows you to make sure that you’re not missing out on any valuable traffic.

    With privacy and parental guidance regulations becoming increasingly strict in the UK and ISPs trying to ensure they adhere to them, it’s worthwhile finding out if your website is being blocked when it shouldn’t be. This useful website answers that very question by showing you a list of all the ISPs that are blocking your site, along with the reason why they are doing so. The results below are for our agency site:


    As you can see, this handy tool breaks the down the results by ISP and provides the reason for the block. This is a useful feature because with some of the ISPs, you can request that your site is unblocked. This would potentially open your site to quite a large audience who might not otherwise have seen it before.

    The website also details how you can get your site unlocked if it has been blocked by any of the Internet service providers. However, this is a lot easier for some than it is for others. For example, you can request TalkTalk to unblock your site if you think it many have been blocked incorrectly.


    The stats behind the amount of sites that are blocked incorrectly are quite staggering, with Forbes reporting that filters block one fifth of all websites in the UK. It’s therefore not surprising that, if such a wide net is cast, some of these sites are going to be blocked incorrectly. The Forbes article goes on to list a few examples they found of sites blocked incorrectly. Philip Ray, the owner of a Porsche dealership, discovered that his site had been blocked by O2 and found it incredibly difficult to rectify.

    Some industries where this could really affect client’s websites are igaming and ecigarettes these are two industries that will have age verification on the sites themselves so having the whole web site blocked by a filter could potentially block a substantial amount of traffic from people over the age of 18 trying to access the site.

    Checking through Branded3’s clients we found that 8% of sites have been blocked by filters from at least one of the ISPs. This includes clients in the igaming vertical and the other usual suspects…but some you might not, such as an ecommerce site selling men’s gifts.

    TalkTalk and BT were the most likely to block the sites; but fortunately both TalkTalk and BT have contact pages where you can get in touch and request the site to be unlocked if you think that it has been blocked unjustly.

    So if you think that your site might be blocked by overly strict parental controls which are turned on by default or are on a public network, it’s probably a good idea to find out how your site can be unblocked, because you could well be missing out on valuable traffic.


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