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Re-inventing direct mail: Edit and Jaguar Landrover bring home the DMA Gold

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5th December 2019

Earlier this week, Edit brought home three trophies together with a premium automotive brand and Spark44 for the Range Rover Evoque, Triggering a Reaction direct mail.

The DMA rewards only the work that is pushing marketing forward through their use of insight, data, creativity, and above all how it impacts ROI. Triggering a Reaction topped the categories for Automotive and Best use of Mail while a Silver was received for Best use of Customer Journey.

In an environment of a constant bombardment of digital marketing, direct mail has cut through but it lacks the immediacy needed to connect the customer journey.  This campaign blended both digital and direct mail to get time-starved potential buyers behind the wheel of the new Range Rover Evoque as soon as possible.

Triggering a Reaction was the world’s first use of WND Network and Sigfox technology within direct mail.  By pressing a replica Evoque button in the pack, the recipient was able to book a test drive with a single push.

The radio transmission technology allowed us to connect the ignition button to our CRM system that, in turn, delivered the test drive request to the recipient’s local Land Rover. This triggered an SMS and email to the recipient confirming the booking and that the Retailer would be in touch. All this happened in real-time, in a GDPR-compliant manner that required no sign-up, pre-interaction, Bluetooth, tethering or Wi-Fi connection.

The combination of data-driven marketing and insight-based creative led to an unprecedented 44% response rate, or over 2,000 test drive requests.

Gwyn Rodway, the Marketing Architect behind the Evoque Campaign at Edit comments, “We know that to reach our customers it takes more than just traditional communications. They expect immediacy and want messages that are relevant and inspire them to act. Blending Edit’s expertise in customer data and innovative technologies along with creative design from Spark44 the Evoque Buttons project has re-imagined a traditional channel for today’s connected customer and pushed what marketing can do. Winning three DMA Awards really shows the amount of work the team has put in to look for ways in which to improve the customer journey and experience we deliver for our clients.”

The campaign was praised for being an example in how to bring traditional mail into the digital world. A seamlessly integrated campaign that delivers but has paved the way for an innovative approach for all offline channels.