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Edit predicts the biggest PR trends for 2020

ARTICLE BY Alex Hickson
    READ TIME: 4 mins
    19th December 2019

    With 2020 starting a new decade, are we going to see a new revolution in digital PR?

    We asked our Editors from PR, Design & Content for their thoughts and predictions on the big trends that would influence the industry during 2020.

    More sophisticated influencer marketing is on its way

    “2020 will see influencer marketing develop further, becoming more sophisticated and effective for brands.

    The past year saw influencers hit the headlines, often for all the wrong reasons. This has allowed marketers to evolve our understanding of influencer authenticity and follower engagement signals, meaning more targeted strategies can be implemented by teams. There’s also a whole host of tools such as Hype Auditor and social listening apps which can help with decision making.

    It’s no longer enough to pay an influencer to post a simple product ad on their channels, campaigns need to be specific to influencer followings and fit with their content style.”

    Begin a conversation, don’t just build links

    “Journalists are moving away from pure materialism and looking for stories with a heart. Using social media to understand the nuances of people’s personalities helps create campaigns that not only build links but connects to people and sparks a national conversation. I loved the campaign of the egg becoming Instagram’s most liked photo back in February, which later ‘cracked’ to reveal it was to promote a mental health campaign. I really hope to see more of these ‘watercooler conversation’ campaigns throughout 2020!

    Social listening is a great way of understanding these knowledge gaps and social media is great for building relationships with journalists, understanding exactly who they are and what they love to write about.”

    Using data-driven PR to drive success

    “There’s going to be a much bigger focus on data and how we can incorporate it into our day-to-day; from developing more in-depth campaigns based upon interesting data sets, as well as using data to add gravitas to the ways we report on digital PR. With better access to data, we’ll be able to report more accurately, bringing Attribution to the forefront and ultimately giving PRs the information we need to make more informed decisions.”

    Keeping ahead of tech trends

    “Changes in tech and search always affect the work we do, Google rolled out BERT this year impacting 10% of all search queries, the update will better understand natural language in search queries inputted; changing the search landscape.

    The number of SEO specific journalists is growing, so PRs need to think about how they’re using SEO and tech to target their content.

    Technology is a versatile and curious area for journalists to explore, and a regular hot topic, no matter what country you are in.  Resultingly, digital PRs and traditional marketers should keep a keen eye on when we they can utilise the topic to create a global reach campaign; just like we did for a client earlier this year.”

    Come over to the dark side…

    “It’s impossible to ignore dark design, there is now almost an expectation that the user should be able to change their UI between a light and dark theme, 2020 will see dark design become more prevalent as the default theme. As well as reducing eye strain for users, it helps make design elements look bolder and creates visual contrast in conjunction with bold, vibrant colour palettes.

    Campaigns for the year ahead should look to factor this into their design plans, ensuring assets are both modern AND user-focused.”


    “Whilst the predicted increase in voice e-commerce hasn’t taken off in the way many predicted, 2020 will see an increase in voice search. People are looking for specific queries when it comes to gift buying, travel or food recommendations. This means that content matching and product matching these queries will more than likely appear in Google SERP’s featured snippet in the near future. We need to make sure that our PR campaigns are embracing this going into the new decade.”

    With tech, data & the changing face of social media being the key themes from our Editors, it looks like 2020 is set to be a year of real growth in the digital PR space.

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