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Edit under the hood: Business Systems Manager, Tom Mudd

READ TIME: 3 mins
18th August 2021

Q. Tell us a bit about your role at Edit

A. I currently sit in Edit’s Business Services department as the Business Systems Manager.  It’s an extremely broad role which involves managing, supporting, and developing our internal ERP system known as Force. I build out Power BI dashboards and reports for internal use as well as the occasional client. I also run Edits B-Corp certification program as well as a host of other things that seem to find their way onto my desk. There is probably a nice analogy around plates and keeping them spinning that would sum it up nicely.

Q. And what was your background prior to joining?

A. I’ve been with Edit since its inception 3 years ago and was with Occam for 4 years previously.   

My career to date has taken me all over, from Car Salesman to Business Analyst, System Tester to Solider in the UKs Intelligence Corps.  Luckily, with my current role being so broad and the level of business understanding, it requires all this experience. 

Q. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?

A. Passing the UK’s Intelligence Corps selection test with flying colours. It was a gruelling 10hour day of multiple English tests, Maths tests, IQ tests, debating sessions, problem solving and communication skills assessments all back-to-back with Colonels and Majors breathing down your neck at every minute and challenging every decision that was made. It was one of the most mentally draining days I’ve ever experienced as well as one of the most rewarding. 

Q. And what’s been your biggest challenge?

A. Implementing Edits ERP system, affectionately known internally as Force, but is actually a combination of Salesforce and FinancialForce products.  It involved running initial requirement gathering sessions, sourcing potential providers, going through a procurement process, being the delivery lead through implementation as well as the lead architect on the solution. It was the one project where I’ve been able to combine every bit of my experience. For a business that prides itself on its use of data, having all the information together for CRM, Projects and Finance all in one system really is a game changer. 

Q. The industry Edit operates in is fast-moving and highly competitive. What do you think makes the business stand out?

A. It sounds cliché, but it’s the people. There are exceptional people in our industry up and down the country but it’s the way that Edit brings those people together as a team for our client’s challenges that I feel stands us out against our competitors.   

 As someone whose job is 99% supporting our client facing teams you really do get to objectively see them come together and smash it out of the park time and time again. 

Q.Edit are working toward B-Corp accreditation, can you explain what this involves?

A. A B-Corp certification is an international recognised certification that shows that we run our business not solely for the purpose of generating profits, but to bring greater purpose and accountability for our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment into everything we do.   

It involves us having to answer approximately 150 questions, broken down into 5 categories (Governance, Customers, Community, Workers and Environment) regarding how the business operates and functions to ensure that we at Edit adhere to the highest standards required to be a B-Corp certified organisation. 

Q. Why is achieving B-Corp accreditation important to the business?

A. As a business and community of individuals at Edit, we all have an understanding that business can and has to do more. Not just around climate change, not just around equal opportunities for all no matter their background, and not just employee benefits, it must do more in everything that is does.    

Achieving a B-Corp certification is a means for us to show our commitment to that, it has challenged us to push ourselves further than before, making sure we do as much as we can for our workers, customers, community and environment.   

It also shows our workforce that our values as a business often align with  the values they place on how they live their lives.

Q. What are Edit’s sustainability goals, how are we keeping track of them?

A. As part of B-Corp certification we have committed to tracking as much as we can around our impact on the environment to make sure that we are doing as much as we possibly can to offset the impact of our work whilst still delivering the highest possible standards of work to our clients. 

 To achieve this, we’ve put in place an Environmental Management System which means we can track our impact on recycling, energy usage, water consumption and our carbon footprint. We take all this data and push it into Power BI and generate a document that is shared with everyone in the business so that they can see and understand our impact and enables them to challenge us as a business to do better. 

Q. Other than your phone, what’s one item you couldn’t live without?

A. My running shoes, no matter what mood you’re in, or how your day has gone, being able to do a run before work, lunch or after is going to put you in a better place. Also, my greatest work has often started out from an idea I had on a run. 

Q. What is your favourite biscuit to have with your tea or coffee?

A. I’m not a coffee or tea drinker myself, but for biscuits I’d say a nice Fruit Shortcake, pack of them and a pint of ice-cold milk and I am set. 

Q. And finally…which celebrity would you most like to be stuck in a lift with, and why?

A. So, it’s probably going to be Ross Edgley, amazing person, such an interesting life and doesn’t seem to take life to seriously which is ideal if you’re stuck… Its him or maybe a lift technician!