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Google Performance Summit: Key highlight – all about mobile

ARTICLE BY Melanie Hyde
READ TIME: 2 mins
26th May 2016

On the 24th of May Google held its annual Adwords and Analytics product roadmap, where we got to hear about new betas and product developments that they are launching throughout the rest of the year.


We’re all familiar with the regular drum beat of “the importance of mobile” and “this is the year of mobile,” and so it wasn’t surprising that many of the new developments announced for launch this year are mobile focused.

Mobile focused product developments include improving the user experience as well as giving advertisers more control, especially with bids and enhanced or giant ads.

According to Google “a third of mobile traffic is local,” which nicely supports the launch of Promoted Pins on Google Maps.

This is in closed beta in the US only at the moment. It will be a great opportunity for advertisers to promote local products in ads, providing that the Adwords account is linked to the Merchant Centre. This will really encourage foot-fall into store and can only help to bridge the gap between online and offline.


Personally, I’m excited about the Device Split Bidding, which will be rolled out this year – hopefully sooner rather than later! It will give advertisers the ability to set bids/CPCs by device including desktop, tablet or mobile.

When the campaign settings changed a couple of years ago it forced advertisers to bid on all devices, with only a bid-multiplier at our disposal. Device Split Bidding now gives the advertiser the freedom to optimise properly against device performance and not make a sweeping judgement.

Other product launches included Expanded Text Ads (full article here) and Giant Mobile Search Ads in the US.