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Top digital marketing events and conferences to attend in 2019

ARTICLE BY William Hobson
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26th February 2019

With so many amazing conferences and events in the digital marketing industry, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to spare your employees for. We’ve highlighted the events we’ll be sending our team to in 2019.

There are many reasons it’s crucial in our industry to send employees to events and conferences. These could be networking, lead generation and brand awareness. Plus, from your own perspective, it’s a great excuse to get out of the office and in front of your peers to gain knowledge that’ll be useful in your own career.

Our top events are:

Kaizen- Introduction to PR – 15th March

It’s always a good idea to send your team to sessions run by other agencies. That way, you can learn from other people in the industry and develop new skills. This workshop is hosted by CEO & Founder of Kaizen, Pete Reis Campbell, and includes sessions on press releases, prospect lists, PR tools, and tech.

Ungagged London – 1st-3rd April 2019

Ungagged is one of the largest digital marketing conventions to go to this year, with talks on everything from Technical SEO to PPC to email marketing. Some of the speakers include Jono Alderson (, Kevin Gibbons (Re:Signal) and Ross Tavendale.

Digital Gaggle – 4th April 2019

Digital Gaggle is the conference which brings together the best creative digital marketing minds in Bristol and the South West. Running over half a day, the event gives you the opportunity to spend a few hours learning from industry leaders in the digital marketing sector. With experts speaking on topics like SEO, Social Media, CRO, Analytics, UX, Strategy, Creative and more, you’ll leave the event with a notepad jam-packed with tips on how to improve marketing for your brand.

Brighton SEO – 11th-12th April

This has to be the hottest Search event to go to this year – Other than SearchLeeds, obviously. There are some great workshops the day before the actual conference with everything from Digital PR to PPC from some of the industry’s leading experts. On the day itself you can expect talks on everything from link building to how to increase your ecommerce conversion. Also, don’t forget to check out the pre-party!

PR360, Brighton – 9th-10th May

PR360 returns for its sixth edition. Industry leaders and practitioners gather here to look at where the sector is thriving and if there are any opportunities to look out for. The two-day conference includes Q+As, panel discussions and more in-depth workshops on subjects like measurement and insider tips and tricks.

Social Media Week Bristol – 10th-14th June

Social Media Week is a global conference that is held in over 25 cities around the world. Bristol has their very own edition which aims to inform, educate and explore new ideas and opportunities in the media, marketing and technology industry. Full details are yet to be announced but it looks like it’s set to be another great year.

SMX London – 21st-22nd May

SMX London is a two-day conference for figures across the search marketing industry. It covers all areas in this sector, including SEO, SEM and online marketing. Speakers are yet to be announced but, based on last year’s line-up, it’s likely to be a really interesting event.

SearchLeeds – 20th June

We can’t do a post about events without a little bit of a shameful plug for SearchLeeds. Back for 2019 and in its fourth year, we’re back with an even bigger and better event. There’s set to be some amazing talks this year and we’ve even added a fourth stage. In total, there will be 48 talks covering topics such as technical SEO, analytics, PPC and Digital PR.

Verve Search Outreach conference – 7th June

Verve Search’s conference is a great introduction to content marketing and an amazing opportunity to gain insight from some of the leaders in the industry. The event focuses on creativity, strategy, actionable tips, advice and everything you need to succeed in outreach.

Digital Travel Summit – 25th- 26th June

This is an annual conference for eCommerce, Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Leaders in Europe’s Travel Industry. If you have clients in this industry, it’s a perfect opportunity to keep up with current trends.

Learn Inbound – 15th- 16th August

Learn Inbound joins one of the brightest minds in the digital marketing industry to share next-level tips, tactics and strategies in everything from SEO, PPC to Content Marketing and Growth Marketing. The two-day event brings over 20 industry leaders to share their knowledge and insights.

Turing Fest – 28th-29th August

Turing Fest in Edinburgh brings the smartest people in global tech to Scotland’s capital city. The two-day conference will have an audience of founders, engineers, product managers and even more.

CIPR- Social Media Strategy – 11th June 2019

As part of the digital marketing industry, we know that social is a crucial part of our strategy. This course is perfect for learning a little bit more about how to integrate social into your marketing activity. Skills you’ll learn on the course include how to set objectives, identify opportunities, select tactics, assign resources, set governance, apply social across the organisation and define metrics to measure your success.

Dates yet to be announced and more details to follow:

These events and conferences are just a snapshot of what’s available but shows some of the biggest in our industry, so make sure you send your team to at least one of these events. This type of activity will aid your business in the long term by motivating and developing your employees.

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