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ARTICLE BY Charlie Harris
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6th June 2019

It’s no secret that the digital sector is male-dominated, this is particularly noticeable when we open the SearchLeeds speaker submissions, and year on year see huge numbers of male speakers approach us, but few women.

As conference organisers we felt that this year, we should do our best to celebrate the accomplished women working within the industry, and to do this we created the ‘Women in Digital’ track – the focus of which is to showcase the fantastic skillsets we have in this sector.

The track is made up of three 25-minute panels, across these there are three key themes:


Maintaining a work/life balance is something that eludes many of us. Life is busy, and work is no exception to this. With many high-level careers demanding regular travel and long hours there is a toll taken on you both physically and mentally. Throw children into the mix and things become even more complex, with maternity leave and parental commitments often resulting in damage to career progression.

We’ve pulled together panellists who feel they can offer some of their tried and tested tips towards having a successful career, whilst maintaining that all important work/life balance.

Sarah Beaumont, Edit
Jill Quick, The Coloring in Department.
Catherine Shuttleworth, Savvy Marketing


As we’ve said we see too few women putting themselves forward to speak at our events, and often one of the biggest factors holding them back is confidence. Although few people would relish the chance to stand upon a stage in front of 1000 people, confidence does of course, extend far beyond conference speaking.

Whilst one day it would be great to see an inbox full of speaker submissions from all genders, confidence can start somewhere much smaller, with day to day changes to the way you interact with others.

Our panellists will discuss how confidence influenced their careers, helped them assert themselves in the workplace, and will talk through their suggested steps towards becoming more confident in yourself.

Kirsty Hulse, Manyminds
Jane Rutter, Zeal

The Industry

The search industry is a space for sharing thought leadership and celebrating our thought leaders. We’re brilliant at doing this when the going is good, however, the sad truth is that often, we are our own worst critics.

In an environment where we are so vocal about whether we agree or disagree with someone’s professional, and often personal beliefs, are we preventing the next generation of speakers and thought leaders from stepping forward?

This panel is made up of some of our industry’s biggest personalities, speakers at Brighton SEO, SMX, Learn Inbound and many more conferences globally, will share their experiences, and discuss the peaks and troughs that come with the career of a search personality.

Kristal Ireland, LNER
Ruth Everett, DeepCrawl
Arianne Donoghue, Epiphany

Women in Digital Panel – 10:50 – 12.30 – Stage 4

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