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Digital PR, outreach, influencer marketing

Our expertise in digital PR

We have a senior team of PR experts who are well-versed in creating online and offline PR campaigns that turn heads and build links.

Our clients’ business objectives and goals are at the heart of all our strategies. We create bespoke campaigns that meet KPIs, whether that’s building links, reputation or awareness. With our relationships and contacts, we stand out and deliver results for all industries.

For us, digital PR is so much more than linkbuilding – although that is highly important for Google algorithms and getting traffic to your site – it’s about getting your campaigns and content in front of the right audiences, generating brand awareness, and getting your brand’s message and sentiments heard.

A multi-award-winning digital PR agency

It’s our knowledge on spotting a story, our ability to uncover the right data, and the creativity to bring it all together that wins us prestigious PR awards. We can start with a simple idea and scale it up to create fully interactive campaigns, such as this: the evolution of Google…

Our approach to digital PR

Getting your PR campaigns placed in reputable media publications and tracking measurable results are at the heart of what we do. Links are one of the most important ranking factors so, the higher quality the publication, the better.

On top of that, we have the support of our teams behind us. We work with our SEO team to track ROI measurement and work with our paid media team to amplify results and coverage through their platforms.

The other services we offer include:

PR strategy

We take a personalised approach to our PR campaigns, crafting unique ideas that will stand out in journalists’ inboxes and engage your target audience while accurately representing your brand. All of our strategies are devised with the most valuable KPIs in mind.

Media relationships

We build real and lasting relationships with the media and influencers in your industry. We speak to our media contacts prior to campaigns to get feedback on ideas, run detailed social listening reports, and set up national exclusives to ensure the story we put out for your business will gain online traction and deliver real results.


We’ve always got our finger on the pulse of breaking news and react quickly to turn current affairs into opportunities for our clients, beating your competition to those all-important placements.

Research and data analysis

The right data and expertise is what gives your campaign value. That’s why we thoroughly research the topic of our campaign and conduct data analysis to uncover exciting stories.

National PR

We’ll get your name and our campaigns in some of the biggest publications the country has to offer.

Local PR

As well as targeting the nationals, we also uncover angles within our campaigns that appeal to the local press and increase our reach.

Social media

We also conduct exciting social campaigns that directly engage with your target audience.

PR training

You can call on our experts to deliver training to help grow your own PR strategies.

PR calendar

To help you plan out your PR campaigns, we’ve put together a handy PR calendar of national days and events. It’ll give you inspiration for the right campaigns to run and when to target particular publications.

Understanding what your customers want

The first step is always to research your audience and the topic we’re covering to make sure our campaigns resonate with your customers. We work closely with our SEO and data science teams to get an in-depth understanding of these areas and tailor our PR strategies accordingly.

We’ve built relationships with journalists across all kinds of niches, so we know what stories and content they’re looking for. They choose to place our campaigns above others because we offer stories that are mutually beneficial.

Tech and partnerships

We’ve got a wealth of tools and technology at our disposal for all kinds of purposes – from social listening to data sourcing and journalist databases to angle testing.

Reporting on results

Reporting the results we get is vital to check that our campaigns are working and to inform how we can make our next ones even better for you.

We monitor the web daily, tracking link trends and journalist activity so that, when we think of an idea, we know it will get the cut-through needed to deliver results.

At the end of each campaign, we review results and compare them to the KPIs we set out during planning stages.

On a monthly basis, we report on the media placements we’ve achieved and the impact they’ve had on digital or SEO performance.

We also report on:

  • Brand mentions
  • Backlinks
  • Site quality and relevance
  • Traffic volumes and sources
  • Bounce rate
  • User navigation

  • Keyword rankings
  • Social noise and engagement
  • Sales and conversions
  • Brand sentiment
  • Brand search
  • Share of voice against competitors

Our case studies

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We deliver training to in-house teams to assist in the integration and growth of PR, SEO, content, and social strategies. It’s this sort of training, as well as workshops and talks, that we’ve been invited to give at conferences such as BrightonSEO and Learn Inbound.

Come to us if you’re an agency or in-house marketing department looking to learn about digital PR. Our training covers all the essentials, from research and ideation through to implementation and reporting, and is suitable for beginners through to advanced PRs.

Interested in speaking to us? Get in touch!