PPC management services

Pay per click and beyond

We have a senior team of PPC (pay per click) marketing experts serving clients across various industries, from healthcare to entertainment. Our knowledge of paid media extends across channels and platforms, including paid social and display. And we’re always learning more in order to keep ourselves at the top of our field.

Our approach to paid media

We offer the full mix of paid advertising services, including search, social, and display. And we go much further than most to reach your audience and get conversions. We take a scientific approach to data, helped by our Intelligent Data pillar, giving us that vitally important overview of the market that puts us in the best position to maximise return on investment.

Paid search

Getting attention on search is vital. That’s why we work across many paid search services:

  • Google Ads – We can help you reach more of your audience and grow your customer base with the world’s chief search engine.
  • Microsoft Advertising management – If you’re looking to hit a cost per acquisition or action, or are working with a fixed budget, this platform controls spend to meet those needs.
  • PPC reviews and audits – We look at what any new clients do to see what can be improved, or make better use of budgets.
  • Google Shopping – We can create shopping ads to reach the customers looking for the products you sell.
  • Tech – We use the latest technology, such as Envision’s data dashboarding, to monitor and report on forecasts and results.

Paid social

If you’re looking to gain traction via social media, we can help:

  • Facebook – With Facebook advertising, we can create custom and remarketing audiences, allowing us to reach users that have engaged with your brand before.
  • Instagram – We can create sponsored posts to target audiences with whom you brand will resonate.
  • Twitter – We offer promoted tweets and accounts to maximise exposure to your company.
  • LinkedIn – Our sponsored LinkedIn activity keenly targets professionals best suited to your offering.

Display advertising

We can also help with display advertising. These services, including Google Display Network, offer a way to increase brand awareness and target the right potential customers while keeping costs flexible and results measurable.

Programmatic display

We can also run programmatic display software to get the right digital advertisements, such as social, video 360 remarketing, or display advertising. It’s a transparent and efficient way to reach your audience and beat your targets.

Google partner and Bing partner agency

We have certification to show we’re a trusted partner for both Bing and Google thanks to the exemplary service we deliver to all our clients.

What is paid media?

Online paid media is about more than just pay per click, display, and paid social. Delivering market-leading paid media today needs so much more than siloed channel management. The huge increase in the number of platforms and technology partners, along with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in advertising, means that we all face a huge challenge. More than ever, businesses need the right advice and consultancy, the right mix of propitiatory and third-party technology, and the right use of data science to succeed.

Tech and partnerships

We use a mix of our own advanced technology and third-party tools to deliver the best PPC marketing service to you. As part of our access to the full Google Marketing Platform, a unified advertising and analytics system, we currently use Search Ads 360, Display and Video 360, Campaign Manager, along with our Envision dashboarding. We also have the capability to use Google Analytics 360 and Tag Manager 360.

Our Envision solution

Our Envision technology offers easy access to the data you need to see the benefits of your marketing. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A personalised dashboard, which is customised to your needs and comes with personal log-ins.
  • Data that can go as granular as you like, within a variable data range and period comparison. This gives you access to the data you want as soon as you want.
  • For even more accurate reporting and optimisation, we can include your own end-to-end data.


We operate training for our clients across all paid media channels. Anything from basic overviews of the paid media landscape, through to advanced training on the execution of campaigns in specific platforms. All training is created uniquely for you meet your specific needs.

Ask us for training in:

  • Understanding the foundations of paid media.
  • Keyword research.
  • Best practice account structures for top quality scores.
  • Writing compelling ad copy.
  • Account optimisation and development that’ll hit your KPIs.
  • Bidding strategies.
  • Audience strategies.

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