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Our approach to SEO

We understand how search engines work today and constantly look to anticipate where Google and its competitors are moving tomorrow. We want to keep you one step ahead of the competition and provide long-term value; we think your website should perform today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Whether it’s a site migration or a link audit, we think about users just as much as search engines. Our SEO strategies are underpinned by in-depth audience research, data science, UX design, award-winning content optimisation, and forward-thinking PR campaigns. Not to mention years of technical SEO experience.

We take a holistic approach to SEO strategy, ensuring it complements and, wherever possible, enhances other channels. We’re not interested in butting heads with other agencies or your internal teams; we just want results.

How we will work with you

You’ll have an SEO strategist who, using their expert knowledge, will determine the best strategy to improve your site’s visibility.

You’ll also benefit from a wide range of specialists who support the SEO strategist with their expertise on content, link building, data science, UX, and anything else your site might need. Just want some SEO consultancy or SEO reporting? We do that, too.

Why use Edit for SEO?

SEO is in our DNA – there’s a reason we run SearchLeeds, the largest search conference in the north of England. We love delivering results, focusing on what matters most for your business.

Coming on board with Edit means you can benefit from working with an agency that has:

  • Over 15 years of experience providing growth to everything from start-ups to blue-chip brands.
  • A range of specialisms covering all aspects of SEO: technical, local, international, content, PR link building, UX, mobile, Amazon, site migrations, and more.
  • An array of in-house and third-party tools that streamline our work and help us find new insights for you.
  • A reputation for producing award-winning work in a range of industries.
  • Passion for delivering amazing results.

Experts in technical SEO

Without good technical SEO, your site won’t have the strong foundation it needs to consistently reach higher rankings in search. From ecommerce to B2B to local SEO, we’ve seen plenty of sites improve in search performance after we’ve cleaned up technical issues. We’ll work to do the same for you.

Understanding your audience

We like to base our recommendations around what makes sense for your customers, not just search engines. Beyond simple keyword research, that means in-depth audits that help us understand how your site is being used, discovery sessions with your internal stakeholders, social listening, and competitor analysis.

And, where you don’t have internal audience insight already, our data science team has helped big-name brands better understand their customers.

Links and content

We know from our own ranking factors research that Google puts more emphasis on links and on-site content than any other one thing. That’s why we have a group of specialist content writers and strategists, and a collective of digital PR executives and strategy specialists available to you. They’ve won awards for what they’ve done for others. They could do that for you.

Read how content marketing could help.

Tech and partnerships

Between tools and accreditations, we, and by extension you, have an immense amount of insights within reach at all times. We use them to help our clients all the time.


They say you should judge an SEO team by the company it keeps – and what that company says about them. We think we do a pretty good job. Others are more complimentary.

"Edit was our top choice when choosing an SEO agency as they deliver a holistic approach, and excel in both creativity and data insight, which together offer a rounded approach to digital performance."



We make our experts accessible to your whole organisation, bringing new hires up to speed with shadowing and one-to-ones, helping you make the case for change with the wider business, and introducing technical teams to advanced concepts.

Our experts have previously delivered BrightonSEO’s Advanced Link Building Training – the first time being way back in 2012. They shared strategies and tactics with 200-plus digital marketers, both in-house and from agencies.

Plenty more of us have shared expertise at hundreds of industry events – including our own SearchLeeds conference – and the same engaging speakers work to upskill brands and their teams.

Interested in speaking to us? Get in touch!

Other services

Content marketing services

Get well-optimised content on your site and quality links to it with the help of our experts.

PPC management services

As well as organic, have you thought about paid search? We can get you the results you crave.