Data Science

Our approach to Data Science

Our mission is for you to get closer to your customer and to know their needs and wants before they do.

Producing insights from the sheer volume of raw data available and then using these insights to get closer to your customers is a constant challenge. One we can help you scale.

We transform businesses and their decision-making processes by making them understand the pattern and characteristics hidden within their data. Our data science team helps mitigate business risks and drive business outcomes by helping companies make smarter decisions. We improve customer experience based on facts and through the application of data.

Our data science services

Business reporting and data visualisation

Quicker reports make it easier to make decisions. Our business reporting and data visualisation gives you accurate, timely information in the most visual and easy to understand way.

Profiling and segmentation

A better understanding of your customers is the key to making more cost-effective marketing decisions. Profiling and segmentation help you come closer to your customers by better recognising their characteristics, behaviour, and traits.

Predictive models

Knowing what your customer will do next tells you when and where to market to them. We help you get closer to your customers by understanding their needs before they do and recommending the most relevant next action.

Attribution modelling

If you know how relevant each customer touchpoint is then you’ll know how to spread out your marketing spend effectively. Attribution modelling helps to evaluate the importance of every customer touchpoint.

Machine learning

Being able to react to your customers exactly when they need to creates an all-round better experience. We use one of the most advanced machine learning platforms to develop models and automate them for you to engage consumers in real-time.

Market sizing and sensing

A better idea of the market will give you a better idea of what to do next. We use macroeconomic data and your customer data to determine your market size and the growth and headroom in the market.

Why use Edit for Data Science?

Quite simply, we can improve the effectiveness of your marketing. What makes us different is our links across the breadth of Edit’s offering: we work with CRM strategists as comfortably as we work with our marketing technologists – and often on the same projects. This gives us a heads up approach where we are both experts in the data and also experts in how the data can impact strategy, which is invaluable for prioritising where to invest your marketing spend.

But we don’t leave out the detail. We are experts in understanding customers and their behaviour, as well as learning from this to predict future behaviours so we really understand what drives your audience’s decisions. This link between strategy and detail is illustrated by our ease of delivering both bespoke micro solutions and automated machine learning solutions to give you real-time decision making via your data platform.

Whether you’re seeking simple, one-off solutions or fully automated outputs, we offer data science services that cover the breadth of Edit’s offering and put business impact at the centre of our approach.

How we work with you

The need to understand your business, from both the data perspective and what happens on the ground, means that we will always work closely with you. We can do this in different ways:

  • As specialist data scientists – statistical, technical and business skills all wrapped up together – creating models and doing advanced analytics.
  • As consultants – advising and proposing approaches and solutions.
  • As an overflow resource – to directly support your own analysts.
  • As trainers – teaching you to deploy data science practices within your organisation and embed a culture of data science.

Looking for another service?

CRM strategy

Using data, we can plan out the best strategy to offer personalised, effective customer journeys.

CRM campaigns

We create effective CRM campaigns that use data to uncover how to reach the right people at the right time.

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