Attribution modelling

What is attribution modelling?

Attribution modelling helps to evaluate the importance of every customer touchpoint. It is vital to assessing the value and the role of every media the consumer is exposed to in their journey.

As a result, it helps to determine the ‘real-ROI’ of every media and touchpoint and helps in marketing planning and budgeting and ensuring the marketing budget is optimally spent. It answers business-critical questions like, what does the ideal user journey look like and who takes credit for conversion?

Our approach to attribution modelling

We live in a world where customers are exposed to multiple touchpoints (often referred to as omnichannel) that influence their decision to buy or engage with a brand. As attribution modellers, we help to determine the impact of every touchpoint and the role it plays in the bringing the consumer closer to making a purchase.

Through the development of an attribution model, you not only get to understand the impact of different media but also how economic, competitive, and other factors such as pricing and promotion impact on consumer behaviour. The model has various operational and strategic implications and guides business and marketing planning at all levels.

We are different to others as we have an attribution modelling team which not only excels at model development but also understands the media landscape (whether it’s search, TV, radio, direct marketing, or outdoor) as they come from a marketing background. We are also tool agnostic and can deploy attribution models on any tool, like Adobe, Google Analytics, SAS, R and other machine learning tools.

Tech and partnerships


We provide hands-on training to organisations on building attribution modelling tools, which includes both the theory and application of attribution models. Our trainers can coach companies on building attribution models on any platform.

During the training, we also touch on basic statistical methodology that helps to develop attribution models so that your teams have a solid grounding. We go through in detail the different scenarios and which attribution model to choose under different scenarios. If required, our trainers can also use the Attribution modelling training as a starting point to train your teams on econometrics modelling, which is a much more complex piece animal.

We have developed, deployed, and trained several organisations with small and huge budgets on since attribution models came into existence.