Profiling and segmentation

What is profiling and segmentation?

Customer profiling and segmentation helps you come closer to your customers by better recognising customers’ characteristics, behaviour, and traits.

Segmentation groups customers into similar buckets based on things like demographics, behaviour, attitudes, and motivations. Profiling and segmentation forms the backbone of communication and CRM plans and is a starting point in the personalisation journey, helping improve customer engagement and experience.

Put simply, you won’t be as competitive without it.

Our approach to profiling and segmentation

Different products or campaigns appeal to different profiles. To design the most appealing campaigns for any audience, a marketer needs to understand their customer: who they are, how they behave, what motivates them, and the best way to reach them. We can provide in-depth profiles of customers and help you understand how different products or campaigns appeal to different profiles.

Every customer is different and makes decisions individually. This could present a real problem, but, by using segmentation, we can look at the similarities between customers and develop the key personas in your audience. Each persona will be brought to life with a full description of their behaviours, characteristics, and motivations. Then the smart marketer can easily create propositions and communications plans tailored to each persona.

Our segmentation is built to be dynamic and reflect the changing needs and motivations of consumers. We pride ourselves in creating segments both for B2C and B2B UK and international markets. Wherever and however you operate, we can help.

Tech and partnerships

Collaboration with third-party data such as CACI, Experian, DBS, DLG and more