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Our approach to broadcast media

Although broadcast media, such as TV and radio, has become more digitised, versatile, and data-driven, it remains one of the most powerful and cost-effective routes to reach many desirable demographics.

Our data-led planners are experts in using broadcast channels to drive campaigns which deliver anything from mass awareness to highly targeted and trackable performance metrics.

Our broadcast media services


Despite the rise in spending on digital advertising, TV is still hugely significant in the marketing mix. It combines efficiency and flexibility like no other medium, whether using linear TV to reach huge audiences or digital video across social platforms with connected TV for retargeting.

And, as a result of the proliferation of TV platforms, TV is no longer limited to high-spending brands. Whatever your marketing objective, there will be a TV product which can help you achieve it.

At Edit, we believe in delivering the biggest impact through accountability and agility.

We commit to driving the greatest possible ROI by using technology to measure, optimise, and report transparently, giving you the complete picture.

We’re agile, as we’re not tied into trading deals, which means we can optimise spend towards the highest-performing platforms in real time and ensure your budgets go further.

Out of Home

The insight we can gain from customer data helps us establish measurable KPIs, define segmented audiences and develop the format strategy.

We look at how the audience’s need states at different times of the day which in turn affects how they feel and behave in relation to different OOH environments.

Once the campaign is live, we use tracking across multiple sources to gain a deep understanding of performance – not just looking at brand awareness scores or direct response via QR Codes or NFC, but also considering search, direct traffic, and other KPIs.


Whichever platform you’re using, audio is unique in its ability to imprint auditory messages in people’s memories which can drive great results for brands – either from an awareness or activation perspective.

And audio is a proven amplifier of other channels, enhancing the performance of other above-the-line media.

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