The most important moving trends for marketers from 2020

Why & how people choose products & services alongside their move

How to use homemover data to capitalise on this market with direct mail

Learn how we can help you make the most of homemover data.

At Edit, we use data and insight to create campaigns to reach audiences with precision and speed that deliver business impact.

The homemover market is a significant opportunity for brands to drive sales from consumers who are in a switching/purchasing mindset pre, during, and post move. This leads to higher response rates and conversion rates than other acquisition channels.

Unlike other agencies who partner with just one supplier of homemover data, or where clients have direct relationships with single sources of data, Edit source data from 100% of the market.

This means we can supply clients with higher volumes of data – which they then mail – and therefore, drive higher volumes of conversions or sales for those clients. By using homemover data, clients can expect to see response rates and ROI at least several times higher than other cold acquisition channels.

Why choose Edit for your campaign?

For over 20 years, Edit have been helping businesses use data to deliver marketing and communications that matter: personalised customer experiences coupled with a better understanding of what activity works.

Organisations choose Edit because:

  • We have extensive experience sourcing, planning, purchasing and managing homemover data for a variety of clients.
  • We advise organisations on how to utilise resource and deliver campaigns based on first-hand experience.
  • We deliver projects via an established delivery framework, ensuring solutions are delivered to spec, on budget and on time.





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