Print Media

Our approach to print media

With 18 years’ experience in the data market, across multiple vertical sectors, our team knows how to use the right information to get maximum ROI from direct mail. We’re experts in the application of insight to accurately target the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a highly responsive, targeted, direct-to-consumer communication channel that lets you deliver a personal message to a specific audience.

With direct mail, you’re able to reach customers and prospects with communication that meets their individual needs and/or buying habits at the most appropriate time in their lifecycle. This delivers relevancy and ultimately drives ROI.

Door Drop

Reach your customers at home. Door drop lets you put a hard-hitting message and call to action in someone’s hands. It makes an immediate impression, generates a rapid and measurable response, and builds positive brand perception that lasts.

A proven medium, it produces real results as part of an integrated marketing strategy. The flexibility of door drop marketing allows for activity to be targeted as accurately as a single street or as broadly as every UK address.

Partially Addressed Mail

By targeting households using geo-demographics at postcode level, and using over 400 different attitudinal signifiers, PAM allows us to engage specific customer clusters in a totally compliant way. We capture attention with relevant messages addressed to ‘dear thrill seeker’, ‘holiday lover’, or ‘savvy investor’ for example.


Everything we do is underpinned by data. Once we have an in-depth understanding of the audience and have defined the key metrics for success, we analyse readership data and use our specialist knowledge of the market to select the best titles for each campaign.

We use tracking across multiple sources to gain a deep understanding of performance – not just looking at brand awareness scores or call volumes, but also considering search, direct traffic, and other KPIs.


Our experience in planning and buying inserts means we provide you with an unrivalled knowledge of the market. There is no single, off-the-shelf database for doing what we do.

We’ve invested time and resource into building a bespoke database that provides our planners with a comprehensive view of sector, creative format, volumes, rates, and more, to help them do their jobs better than anyone. To you, that means we get more valuable placements quicker.

Why use Edit for print media?

Our customer-centric planning approach, underpinned by consumer insight and driven by data, consistently delivers responsive campaigns for our clients. We balance reach and scale with finding the precise audience.

Our stringent due diligence around data sourcing means only data that’s fully GDPR-compliant will form part of our campaign planning – complete transparency is assured.

We also offer print and postage solutions and work hand in hand with our data processing team.

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