What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has grown in time it’s evolved and so have the challenges.  The challenges we face and Edit always find solutions to overcome are:

  • Customer journeys, starting with awareness, moving to sales interactions during purchase consideration, and to service during onboarding, still are often disconnected, dysfunctional, and underwhelming.
  • Customer interaction history repositories are scattered, resulting in sub-optimal experiences, such as customers getting offered products they already purchased.
  • Decision-making rules, logic, and analytics are not centralised, causing conflicting experiences, like marketers offering discounts at different times on different channels.
  • In-channel (especially digital) experiences are poorly personalised and inconsistent. Take digital content that often appears very different from email content, when essentially the same message is being delivered.

Our approach to CRM

Edit stays true to the original promise of CRM, to keep the customer truly at the centre.  Our planning function breaks down the channel and functional silos, and deliver consumers seamless functional experiences across marketing, sales, and service.

We work with real data to help inform transformative insights based on robust thinking that gets to the heart of what our clients want to achieve – be that hard sales figures, award-winning campaigns and/or achieving the dream customer experience.

As a customer experience agency, we always ask ourselves these questions on behalf of our clients:

  • What and how can we learn from consumer insight?
  • Where has CRM strategy moved the customer engagement and how can we improve it?
  • What are the primary lessons and which mistakes must we avoid?
  • How do you work alongside technology to create a robust CRM approach?

Why Edit?

Being customer-centric doesn’t magically happen.  And it certainly doesn’t happen by buying eight different customer data management systems.  What’s required is alignment – deep data alignment, process, functional, platform, and organisational alliances sustained over the years.

To achieve that kind of alignment, it takes unwavering commitment and collaboration.   Executives, middle management, and individual contributors across marketing, sales, service, and operations, must all sing from the same CRM song sheet.

  • At the heart of what we’re about is creating connections between customers and businesses – answering the fundamental question “why the hell should that person buy that thing from that brand”
  • What we are is endlessly curious. We are in the fabulous position of having real freedom to think around our clients’ challenges. It’s often hard for clients to step back and imagine what it’s like from the point of view of a customer – that’s where we’re able to step in and bring a breadth of customer insight from across the industry spectrum.
  • We have proven that planning can (and should) be integrated across all the disciplines here at Edit; this allows us to provide clients expertise from throughout the agency, inevitably ending in a much more fulfilled finished end-product for our clients.

CRM Services

CRM Campaign Planning

We combine the math and the magic of data science and creative to create highly personalised customer strategies

Insight and analytics

We analyse the customer, campaigns, media and market to create rounded, actionable insight


We lift these insights with creative designed to nudge behaviour

CRM Technology

We integrate with your systems or provide new solutions designed specifically for your objectives

CRM Delivery / Execution

Campaign management delivered by agile teams based at Edit or integrated with your on-site team

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