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The UK population changes all the time. Your data should change with it.
Pura is Edit’s data cleanse solution and offers you a quick and easy way to keep on top of your data, and to save wasted money on inefficient marketing campaigns.

What is Pura?

Change is constant – and your data needs to adapt. Every year in the UK, 7.5 million people move home and 500,000 people pass away. Pura is our self-service data processing portal that puts you in complete control of our powerful bureau service for gone away suppression, deceased suppression, and preference service suppression. It’s all accessible from your browser – no download required.

Why choose Pura?

  • Data security – There’s two-factor authentication on login, and we’re ISO accredited for information security.
  • Ease of use – Pura was built with the user in mind: the portal is intuitive, clean, and simple to use.
  • Always on – It’s a 24/7 service. Get data last thing at night or first thing in the morning.
  • Unrivalled access – Pura utilises virtually all of Edit’s 20 suppression products, containing over 500 million records.

How does Pura work?

Pura is a solution created by Edit that allows the automated cleansing of small name and address data files. Simply upload and select from a variety of cleansing options, including deduplication and obscenity screening for comparison against our suppression sources.

Once uploaded, the data is standardised and then compared with the chosen suppression lists. If a match is found, the record is flagged for you to remove.

Once complete, the data is written to disk and encrypted. You’ll be emailed with your own unique password and can then log on to download the result. Simple.


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