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Diving into Data

All good marketers are obsessed with data. After all, it’s the lifeblood of effective marketing.

However, in a world which generates an unimaginable 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s a quintillion) bytes of data every day, how do you filter out the noise and avoid option paralysis?

At Edit, we know that data isn’t just ones and zeros. It’s people. It’s behaviour. It’s an opportunity.

We’ve been experts in data since before Google was born.

We use it to help our clients make smarter decisions, faster. We use it to create the foundations for award-winning marketing campaigns. We use it to discover insights and get closer to consumers.

In short, we unlock its secrets and put it to work transforming your business.

Increase ROI, but also minimise risk.

By ensuring the data used to fuel your marketing campaigns is accurate, we eliminate wasted budget, making sure you’re only communicating with potential customers. Not only that, we minimise risk by ensuring every bit of outgoing comms is compliant.

Understand the true ROI of your marketing mix

Our Data Science-driven attribution models allow us to understand the interplay of your marketing channels in real time, meaning we can optimise in the moment to drive overall ROI.

Keep your customers for longer

Reduce churn and turn customers into advocates by using Data Science to understand their key needs, behaviours and triggers.
Generate personal, real time marketing to keep your customers engaged, happy and profitable.

How we do it

Our Data experts underpin our whole business.
From Data Management and Data Cleansing to our Data Science team, we ensure every decision we make is based on the most-up-to-date data set.

Whether we’re building an internal Data Landscape Definition or helping with Dataset Specifications, we can help with the most technical data solutions.
Our Data Engineers structure data to make it fit for analysis, with the help of Pura, our online Data Cleansing dashboard, which ensures that all data is clean, valid and de-duplicated.

Then it’s time for our Data Science team to work their magic and produce actionable, understandable insights from raw data.

Our data team is where art meets science, combining human experience with cutting-edge machine learning to produce transformational results.

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