What is audio?

Traditionally, radio has been a trusted medium with low ad avoidance and particularly useful for time-sensitive campaigns or geographical targeting.

The convergence of radio and digital creating “audio” has produced additional platforms with even greater targeting capabilities making it an effective medium for many marketing objectives.

Not only are listeners using apps to listen to their favourite stations, allowing us to serve ads to them programmatically, but we can also target specific music genres on Spotify or specific content genres through podcasts.

Whichever platform you’re using, audio is unique in its ability to imprint auditory messages in people’s memories which can drive great results for brands – either from an awareness or activation perspective.

And audio is a proven amplifier of other channels, enhancing the performance of other above-the-line media.

Our approach to audio media planning and buying

We make decisions based on robust data insight. We use data to:

  • Identify meaningful objectives and establish measurable KPIs
  • Define segmented target audience(s)
  • Develop the platform strategy

Our strategy will be based on a thorough understanding of the audience and their listening habits in order to select the correct platform, stations, programming and dayparts.

We drive the greatest measurable ROI from your campaign. We use tech to:

  • Measure results and optimise
  • Measure both linear and indirect response
  • Report holistically to establish The Real ROI
  • Build a business case for growth

We use Radiogauge, Adalyser and DoubleClick Campaign Manager to measure and optimise campaigns and bespoke reporting tools to give you a full picture of the effect of your radio campaign.

Why use Edit for audio planning?

  • Historically, it has been hard to isolate and measure the effects of radio campaigns, but our focus on data and technology ensures greater accountability for your radio spend.
  • We buy the airtime as cost-efficiently as possible, whether that be through standard airtime deals or auction inventory.
  • And our holistic reporting enables you to truly understand what your radio campaign delivers.

List of services

  • Broadcast Campaigns – building your brand through reaching a wide pool of consumers ensuring you are top-of-mind when purchasing decisions are made
  • Digital Audio – serving ads to individual listeners rather than broadcasting to a wider audience, enabling you to target specific, niche audiences
  • Spotify – tapping into key moments of the day for targeted audiences and mix audio, video and display ad formats
  • Podcasts – reaching a young, well-educated audience and benefitting from the listener’s unique, personal relationship with their chosen content
  • Promotions and Partnerships – generating opted-in leads through airtime and online competitions
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