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What is out of home media?

The out of home (OOH) landscape has been transformed in recent years. Originally a mixture of static bus shelter panels, 6 sheets and billboards, there are now a myriad of high-impact, digital sites and formats which can be activated by real-time triggers.

As a result, we can leverage 1st party data to ensure the creative is ultra-targeted.

As with all broadcast channels, digitisation has meant OOH can now be used to achieve a variety of marketing objectives – from the brand-building power of grand scale sites such as Piccadilly Circus to direct response campaigns activated by a simple tap or scan of a smartphone.

OOH reaches 98% of the population every week and it cannot be avoided or blocked, which coupled with its versatility, makes it an incredibly effective channel.

Our approach to OOH planning

The insight we can gain from customer data helps us establish measurable KPIs, define segmented audiences and develop the format strategy.

We look at how the audience’s need states at different times of the day which in turn affects how they feel and behave in relation to different OOH environments.

Once the campaign is live, we use tracking across multiple sources to gain a deep understanding of performance – not just looking at brand awareness scores or direct response via QR Codes or NFC, but also considering search, direct traffic, and other KPIs.

We use Reach data and web analytics to measure and optimise campaigns and bespoke reporting tools to give you a full picture of the effect of your OOH campaign.

Why use Edit for Out of Home media planning

  • At Edit we combine data, technology and creativity to deliver optimal OOH campaigns for clients.
  • If a campaign requires attributed response, our experienced team uses customer data to plan the most tightly-targeted schedule of sites and our range of in-house tools to measure response.
  • If a campaign requires stand-out creative on a grand scale, our in-house creative team can advise on the best formats to use and produce the stunning visuals required.
  • No matter what your objective, our team will maximise the relevancy of the sites to ensure your message is seen by your audience when they are at their most receptive.

List of services

  • Creating Impact – True broadcast of brand messages at scale
  • Driving Action – Creating “frictionless” ways to respond
  • Optimising creative – Utilising the full range of creative opportunities OOH provides
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