What is Press planning and buying?

The press market is complex and wide-ranging requiring specialist planner/buyers who know it inside out, but the benefits of advertising in press are numerous and attractive to many brands.

With so many different types of publications and formats available, you can use press to achieve a range of marketing objectives.

The high-circulating national press titles can be used to build reach of your audience for driving awareness, or to run long-copy ads detailing specific products to encourage “off-the-page” purchase.

Whilst special interest titles, meaning you can tap into people’s hobbies and passions and promote niche products.

The visual nature of press ads and the editorial environment allow advertisers to showcase brand values and leverage the relevancy or aesthetics of surrounding content.

And the short lead-times mean press can be used both tactically and strategically, often at very cost-effective rates.

Our approach to Press planning

Everything we do is underpinned by data. Once we have an in-depth understanding of the audience and have defined the key metrics for success, we analyse readership data and use our specialist knowledge of the market to select the best titles for each campaign.

We use tracking across multiple sources to gain a deep understanding of performance – not just looking at brand awareness scores or call volumes, but also considering search, direct traffic, and other KPIs.

Where we can track call volumes or brand uplift, we buy an optimised schedule cost-efficiently via a range of buying strategies. Where we can’t directly attribute conversion, we create alternative measurement systems and plan and buy based on audience insight, using analytics to model results.

Why use Edit for Press planning and buying?

  • Our team of experienced press buyers don’t just use the main titles listed on industry databases and measurement tools but have a wide-ranging knowledge of non-mainstream titles ensuring we use the best titles to reach your audience.
  • The team works across many campaigns targeting older audiences – the key demographic for press – and a range of verticals where specialist knowledge is essential.
  • We advise on creative formats and the best positions and sections to use for achieving your campaign objectives. We can also help with creating and supplying ads.
  • Our buyers are skilled in the different negotiating tactics for buying press ads, from results-based negotiation to late space offers, volume deals and portfolio contracts. All of which ensures the very best media value for money.

List of services

  • Brand Awareness Campaigns – Building your brand through reaching a wide pool of consumers ensuring you are top-of-mind when purchasing decisions are made
  • Sponsorship – Associating your brand with the prestige and popularity of a relevant title or section of a title
  • Direct Response Campaigns – Either one stage campaigns buying “off-the-page” or two-stage campaigns involving brochure requests and appointment bookings
  • Tactical Campaigns – Taking advantage of breaking news stories to maximise cut-through and generate PR coverage
  • Creative Reviews – Advising on best practice for creating impact, ad structure, layout, use of imagery and copy and effective calls to action
  • Attribution advice – Devising the best strategy for understanding the impact your press ads have and how to measure it effectively
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