TV Media Planning & Buying

What is TV Media Planning and Buying?

At Edit, we are passionate advocates of the power of TV to transform your business.

Despite the rise in spending on digital advertising, TV is still hugely significant for brands in the marketing mix because it is flexible with a range of platforms. This means you can use TV to achieve a wide range of marketing objectives, from building brand awareness across broad audiences to driving cost-efficient response from niche audiences.

At the broadest end of the targeting scale, linear TV advertising allows you to hit 97% of the population in a month and at the narrowest end of the targeting scale we can leverage 1st party data to activate digital video campaigns to drive conversion.

As a result, TV can be incredibly effective. This has been proven time and again in studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of TV advertising. For example, TV creates 62% of short-term advertising-generated profit and 71% of long-term profit.

Our approach to TV planning and buying

We always adhere to our 3 guiding principles:

Insight – we make decisions based on robust data insight. We use data to:

  • Identify meaningful objectives and establish measurable KPIs
  • Define segmented target audience(s)
  • Develop the platform strategy

Our strategy will be based on a thorough understanding of the audience and their viewing habits in order to select the correct platform, channels, programming and dayparts.

Accountability – we drive the greatest measurable ROI from your campaign. We use tech to:

  • Measure results and optimise
  • Measure both linear and indirect response
  • Report holistically to establish The Real ROI
  • Build a business case for growth

We use Adalyser and DoubleClick Campaign Manager to measure and optimise campaigns and bespoke reporting tools to give you a full picture of the effect of your TV campaign.

Agility – we react quickly and freely to results.

We are a media independent, so we are not tied to any deals or AB deadlines. As a result, we test and learn more quickly, putting your money in the hardest-working spots as soon as possible.

Why use Edit for TV planning and buying?

  • Edit is uniquely placed to navigate the TV landscape because of our focus on data, technology and CRM.
  • Whilst other agencies may have the data and technology, we deliver an end-to end service right through from agreeing objectives and KPI’s through to ensuring your CRM is optimised to maximise your ROI.
  • Our independence allows us to create bespoke plans for each campaign that ensure value for money and the best possible results for your business.

List of services

Key types of TV campaigns:

  • Brand Awareness – building your brand through reaching a wide pool of consumers ensuring you are top-of-mind when purchasing decisions are made
  • Sponsorship – associating your brand with the prestige and popularity of a relevant channel, show or genre of content
  • DRTV (Direct Response TV) also known as Performance TV – driving response from consumers, including actions such as visiting a website, ordering a brochure, buying online or downloading an app
  • Addressable TV – serving ads to individual households (through a set-top box, for example) rather than broadcasting to a wider audience, enabling you to target specific, niche audiences
  • Digital Platforms – using 1st party data to find the most cost-efficient video channels to reach your audience or find look-a-likes to increase conversion
  • Connected TV – reaching viewers watching premium content without ad breaks by targeting secondary devices tethered to the household IP address

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