TV Media Planning & Buying

What is TV Media Planning and Buying?

Well-executed TV Media Planning and Buying is key to a successful TV campaign. This is the process by which TV airtime is planned and bought to ensure that your message reaches the right audience, at the right time, in the right place; that the message is seen the optimal number of times and drives the maximum number for conversions for your budget.

Why you need it

At Edit, we are passionate advocates of the power of TV to transform your business.

Despite the rise in spending on digital advertising, TV is still hugely significant for brands in the marketing mix. TV advertising allows you to hit 97% of the population in a month and accounts for 40% of the average person’s daily media consumption.

As a result of this scale and reach, TV can be incredibly effective. This has been proven time and again in studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of TV advertising. For example TV creates 62% of short term advertising-generated profit and 71% of long term profit.

TV is more affordable than you might think. Rates start from as little as a few hundred pounds for an individual spot and the cost of reaching 1,000 consumers in your target audience can often work out much cheaper than other media. Whilst there is no average cost, there would be a minimum spend threshold in place to create a robust campaign.

Different types of TV campaigns

There are a number of key ways to plan and buy TV depending on what it is that you are trying to achieve. It can, therefore, deliver a range of core advertising objectives including:

  • Brand awareness – putting your brand in front of a huge number of consumers and/or associating your brand with the prestige and popularity of the TV show it is advertised alongside through sponsorship.
  • DRTV (direct response TV) –  also known as Performance TV, enables you to get a response from consumers in the short term, including actions such as visiting a website, ordering a brochure, making an enquiry or buying online.
  • Addressable TV – where you serve ads to individual households (usually through a set top box) rather than broadcast to a wider audience, enabling you to target specific niche audiences.
  • Regional TV allows you to only be on air in specific regions – often a great way to limit advertising cost for a test.

Our approach

There is no one-size-fits-all media plan that will work for every business. At Edit we work with you to ensure your TV campaign is planned properly determining the real ROI and creating a business case for growth.

We use a range of tools and data points , such as Adalyser and Google Analytics, to understand the directly attributable effect of TV along with the overall uplift TV has on your other media, in order to make your TV spend as accountable as possible.

We are constantly monitoring your TV performance and react quickly to trends in order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our lead times are shorter than the traditional TV model because we are a media independent, meaning that we can test and learn more quickly. The result – accelerated growth for your business.

Clients and Case Studies

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