What is strategic planning?

Effective marketing communications are only possible when there is agreement on what exactly they are trying to achieve. This sounds obvious. Simple even. However, creating alignment on communications objectives requires a multitude of business functions to work together both on client and agency side.

Our strategic planning process balances pragmatic understanding of the challenges of delivery with a commitment to the achievement of the ultimate brand vision and goals.

Our approach to strategy

Our planners work hand in hand with our clients and our data scientists, technologists, creatives and media buyers to create a shared purpose and clear, concise strategic communications plans.

Our Pivotal Moments strategic planning process is designed to output a plan that:

  • Has clear and measurable communication objectives which ladder up to wider marketing and business KPIs
  • Builds flexibility in from the outset to allow for and anticipate rapidly changing market conditions
  • Is rooted in consumer intelligence and insight and designed to nudge individual behaviour in the desired direction
  • Utilises data to allow for accurate forecasting of results and KPIs
  • Applies creative thought to the challenge, integrating disciplines and ensuring they build upon each other
  • Where relevant, outputs customer journeys that are responsive to changing consumer behaviour
  • Checks back through the delivery process to ensure coherence to the strategic vision

Why use Edit for strategic planning?

At Edit we pride ourselves on the strategic thinking our people demonstrate across all areas of the business, and our Strategic Planning Team is the hub that joins our all our agency specialisms together ensuring our clients get the best of our collective expertise. The team is a vibrant mix of personalities, ages and experience all united by their curiosity and their commitment.

  • Huge breadth and depth of experience across multiple sectors
  • Our customer-centric approach results in a strategy that is genuinely channel agnostic
  • We balance the long-term business goals with the short-term marketing objectives to make our campaigns last
  • Our efficient alignment of specialisms across client and agency teams means that there is no money wasted

List of services

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Media Planning Buying
  • Customer journey Planning
  • Communications Planning
  • Creative Strategy
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