Why is Signal effective, and how does it work?

With an action as simple as the touch of a button, or the turn of a dial, our radio transmitting technology sends a signal to your marketing platform of choice that your target wants to take the next step to making a sale. That could be something like booking a test drive, arranging a visit to a property, or scheduling a call with a member of your sales team.

Our Intelligent Data team interpret your customer data and work with you to select the optimum targets for outreach. This ensures you get the best possible return from the campaign.

With a direct connection to your chosen marketing platform, it couldn’t be easier to react to a customer’s signal of intent. And they’re empowered to get in touch more conveniently than ever.

It’s easy

No need for customers to go to the effort of calling you. They just need to push a button, turn a dial, or take another small action to show their interest.

It’s personal

You’re directing Signal at specific customers. It’s an opportunity to show them how important they are to you with a highly personalised response.

It’s premium

Combining evocative creative with innovative technology, your customers see a side to direct mail that immerses them in your brand immediately.

Proven Success

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Edit Races to Success at the DMA Awards

Edit and Jaguar Land Rover bring home the DMA Gold

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Campaign Tech Awards:

Edit wins Best Use of Tech in CRM

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The Edit Effect:

Delivering a return on investment of 48:1

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