CRM Campaigns

Edit’s approach to campaign management in CRM

Our customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you create better marketing campaigns and improve your marketing activities in these four crucial areas:

Focused targeting – Rather than spending hours looking through all customer data, our CRM software sifts through contacts and targets potentially profitable customers.

Segmentation – We uncover common trends to help you work out what your consumers want next.

Personalised content – We tailor your marketing messages to your target customers and market segments.

Recycle your approach – Once you find out the best performing campaigns and templates for new contacts and audiences, you can recycle them for your future marketing endeavours.

Our CRM services

CRM campaign planning

We plan personalised campaigns with the help of our data science and creative teams.

Insight and analytics

Make your campaigns better targeted using our actionable insights, which are based on analysis of your customer base, campaigns, media, and market.


We turn those insights into compelling material with the help of our creative team.

CRM technology

Our technology can be tailored specifically for your objectives. It can integrate with your systems or we can offer completely new solutions.

CRM delivery and execution

We’ll take care of campaign management, whether within our own agile teams or working closely alongside your on-site team.

Our case studies

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Pizza Hut

We created a loyalty scheme that offered a more personalised experience and boosted engagement with a younger audience.

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Using data to offer the right communications for specific audiences, Northern saw a 131% increase in sales.

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Automated CRM activity worked as part of a marketing mix that saw customer enquiries double.

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CRM strategy

Know you need CRM but no clue where to start? Our planners run customer relationship campaigns all the time. They'll apply their experience to your brand's targets.

Broadcast media

Not only can we work in concert with any of your current above-the-line marketing, we can help you buy ad space and time more effectively.