Marketing Automation

Our approach to marketing automation

At Edit, we use web-based solutions that execute, manage, and automate marketing processes. Use marketing automation to replace manual, time-consuming marketing processes such as emails, social media, and some website actions so that you can save your time for more critical actions. We use purpose-built software and applications which will improve your business’s performance.

Why use Edit for marketing automation?

Edit can assist with marketing automation in three core areas:

Marketing Intelligence – We use marketing intelligence such as tracking codes to monitor customer behaviour online, which marketer can then use to compare with past behaviours. From there, we can use this data to analyse and identify patterns and come up with ideas to improve the online user experience. This could include recommending items of interest, improving communication with users, and considering how to keep them informed on the details that interest them most.

Targeting and segmentation – We use segmentation and nurturing based on interests expressed. We can score and qualify leads based on fit and intent, and attempt to close by analysing specific behaviours and attitudes.

Workflow automation – We can help automate internal processes such as budgeting, digital asset management, and anything that large enterprises need to run their sizable and complex marketing departments.

It's about more than data, it’s about improving relationships

Marketing automation can have a direct impact on clients’ overall corporate culture and team attitudes. Sales teams will find it much more rewarding to work with warm qualified leads as opposed to cold calling low-quality leads, and warm leads can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to maximise reach, keep your customers coming back, and give your team the satisfaction of seeing continued success.

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Using data to segment and focus in on the right audience, we deliver creative CRM campaigns that engage your prospects.