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Our approach to technology


Edit uses technology to help you deliver seamless customer journeys, interactions, and personalisation.

Perhaps you don’t know what you can do with the technology you have and want to understand the capabilities your target customer experiences require. Our martech strategy service can guide you.

Maybe you know what you need and want a partner to help you implement it and get value from your investment. We can help there too.

We have teams of experienced marketing technologists who love nothing more than to build innovative solutions to marketing challenges.

We’ll always start with understanding your goals and editing out the unnecessary to deliver value as swiftly as possible.

Guiding your martech strategy

It can be hard to navigate the growing landscape of marketing technology vendors and solutions. How do you embrace technology to deliver better customer experiences and achieve a return on your investment?

You ask us to help.

First, we’ll turn your customer experience goals into a set of target technology capabilities. Then we’ll audit what you have and identify gaps.

Finally, we’ll make recommendations on how those shortcomings can be filled, prioritising those suggestions in terms of perceived benefits, anticipated costs, and effort so we can deliver value as quickly as possible.

Building your martech solution

We have over 25 years’ experience in implementing marketing technology. We use this to deliver seamless customer journeys, interactions, and personalisation across any channel the customer is interacting with.

Understand your customers better: customer data platforms

Customer data platforms help marketers understand their customers better by unifying customer data and providing them with the capabilities to mine that data for insights.

We offer Microsoft’s Customer Insights technology to our clients, enabling them to benefit from one of the most intuitive and flexible platforms on the market. It simplifies the previously complex task of assembling a single view of the customer. We have perfected the implementation of Customer Insights and can promise speed to value through one of our accelerator packages on the Microsoft App Exchange.

Should your requirements be more complicated, we can also help you exploit the wider benefits of Microsoft Azure data services. With years of experience in building marketing data solutions, we can help you use technologies such as Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics, to stitch together your data and turn it into a trusted source of insight.

Partners and technologies

Deliver seamless customer journeys: marketing automation platform

Customers demand relevant, personalised experiences across their interactions with brands but there are many channels and complex customer journeys. How do marketers reconcile the two efficiently?

Marketing automation platforms let you manage and automate marketing campaign delivery end to end. From identifying target audiences as data selections to building tailored customer journeys that cover contact rules, personalisation strategies, and the co-ordination of them across different channels and touchpoints.

We have partnered with several of the leading providers of campaign management, real-time interaction management, and customer journey technologies. These partnerships give us access to a broad range of capabilities to suit differing customer challenges and budgets.

We will work with you to understand your specific short- and long-term needs and make sure we select the best approach.

Partners and technologies

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