Saved time and money by better understanding the customer base.

The Client

Cosmos is a UK independent tour operator providing a range of package holidays to the UK market.

The Challenge

Cosmos was struggling to understand what its perfect marketing mix looked like with search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), display, and customer relationship management (CRM) not working together efficiently. To fix it, Cosmos needed to understand its customers.

The Strategy

Edit decided to ensure all Cosmos’ marketing activity worked in unison. The first step was creating consumer profiles, segments, and predictive models to drive a reappraisal of Cosmos’ multichannel media planning. We then applied this insight to restructure SEO, PPC and display campaigns to work alongside automated CRM activity.

The results

The average number of enquires increased by over 50% with the cost per enquiry reduced by 133%.


Enquiry increase


Reduction in cost-per-enquiry