The challenge

Northern had a huge amount of data but was struggling to fully understand its customers.  They knew that if they could analyse the data and re-develop their customer experience they could improve their sales, conversations and revenues.

Our solution

We integrated all the data into Edit’s in-house data marketing product.  This gave Northern a single view of its customers, and with access to our marketing technology enabled the company to unlock the insights in its data.

We designed a tailored CRM programme underpinned by a new data strategy, segmenting their customers and enabling relevant personalised journeys based on customer type, activity, and their commercial value.  As a part of this, we developed best in class templates, supporting dynamic content deeply rooted in data.

The outcome

Northern's marketing teams can now visualise and segment customers to execute more personalised and targeted campaigns, with results far exceeding their targets.

+2-5% targeted increase in sales
+131% actual increase in sales
+21% increase in conversion rates

“Choosing the right partners to help us achieve this has been crucial.  The team has helped us deliver our marketing plan and discover new insights into our customers.”

Phil Gates, Head of Marketing & Sales at Northern