Analyse data to better understand customers and improve revenue

The Client

Northern is the primary train operator in Northern England and operates at the most stations of any train company in the UK.

Lost in data

Northern had a huge amount of data but were struggling to make sense of it and fully understand their customers. They knew that if they could better analyse the data, they could redevelop their customer experience and improve sales, conversations and revenue.

Getting on track

We integrated all available data into Edit’s own in-house data marketing product. This gave Northern a single view of its customer base, as well as being able to use our technology to unlock greater insight.

Unique content for each individual

We mapped customer journeys for each niche group based on:

  • Customer type
  • Activity and communication preferences
  • Location
  • Frequency of travel
  • Commercial value to Northern

First class service

Using best-in-class practice, Edit also created a suite of dynamic supporting content templates deeply rooted in data. This was done to ensure Northern communications stayed on track.

The results

Northern’s marketing team can now simply visualise and segment customers to execute more targeted campaigns. This has resulted in 21% increase in conversion rates and 131% increase in sales.


Targeted increase in sales


Actual increase in sales


Increase in conversion rates