Creating a real-time tech solution to maximise RAC’s fleet

The Client

The RAC is a British automotive services company, their principal services are roadside assistance and general insurance.

Waiting to fail

RAC fleet management system were having issues with a particular model of van. The problem was, it usually took a breakdown to reveal a fault – which meant a van could be off the road for several days.

Diagnosing with data

RAC’s existing connected vehicle technology produced a mass of data about each van. Edit helped them to build a system to process that data, and spot the faults that could lead to breakdowns, before the breakdowns had taken place.

Real-time vehicle health checks

We developed a cloud-based process that monitors and evaluates more than five million messages a day from multiple sources, across thousands of vehicles. This means engineers can plan roadside repairs and keep more vans on the road. We’ve now extended the service to offer each driver a Fitbit-style email report on their vehicle’s health.

The results

The new system alerts RAC’s fleet customers to tens of thousands of faults before they cause a breakdown. Saving around 7,000 days of downtime each year.


estimated days saved of vehicle downtime per year


vehicle faults prevented