The challenge

Fleet management is a key part of RAC’s business.  An issue with a popular van model was well-known, but spotting it before it resulted in a breakdown was proving difficult.

RAC asked Edit to develop a way of taking the live vehicle data and apply predictive breakdown algorithms to it in real time.

Our solution

Edit created a real-time process, hosted in the cloud, which could monitor, evaluate, decide and execute algorithms and actions based on every single telematics message issued.

That meant creating a system capable of processing over 5m messages per day, involving almost 40 database calls, more than 10 web service calls, 4 communication channels and 60+ logic points.

The outcome

Our system, processed messages from thousands of vehicles, resulting in over 50,000 vehicle faults pro-actively notifying customers of issues before they become breakdowns.

For one of the RACs customers this saved an estimated 7,000 days of vehicle downtime per year, as the proactive repairs means vehicles don’t have to be off the road. 

Captured data is used to send each driver an engagement email offering:
• Vehicle health
• Safety and efficiency driving scores
• Faults warnings
• Journey data
• Driving scores compared to similar drivers