Revisiting offline marketing to increase donors for the RSPCA

The Client

The RSPCA is the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, specialising in animal rescue and furthering the welfare cause for all animals.

Karen Pierre (Marketing Manager – Donor Recruitment) approached us based on an established and successful relationship from her previous role at the charity, Blind Veterans UK.

The Solution


Edit took a bespoke approach which included Partially Addressed Mail targeting new donors and by using addressed mail incorporating personalised data collected from their opt–in database  to retain existing doners.

Edit were able to establish audience insights which included emotional and behavioural data, as well as using Experian’s MOSAIC data to understand the existing donors. We used this data along with JICMail survey data to decide where we could grow the donor base most effectively and within which channels. We also looked at historical campaign data using AdDynamix so that we could understand how and when the RSPCA letterbox media would be delivered to households vs other charity campaigns.

The Results

The campaign was a resounding success. Together we achieved:

An increase in donors by 47%, and a 61% increase in ROI.

An 88% increase in total donations and a 30% increase in average donation amount.

Edit gained valuable insights from the campaign data analysed providing key take outs to inform future campaigns. For instance, we learned that almost half of the Door Drop responses came via digital channels and so we will be implementing more digital donation options into future campaigns, including Alexa integration and QR codes.


Increase in Donors from Direct Mail