Southern Co-op

Customer-centric digital transformation for a retail giant

The Client

Founded in 1873, Southern Co-op is a regional consumer co-operative in the United Kingdom that mainly focuses on food. Its annual revenue exceeds £450 million.

The Challenge

Southern Co-op were on the way to becoming a truly customer-centric organisation with digital at their heart. As part of their ‘Our Plan’ programme, they embarked on a CRM and customer experience digital transformation programme called ‘All Yours’. But they needed help to embed it within the organisation and ensure it generated maximum value.

They asked Edit to help them solidify their customer-first strategy, increase engagement and advocacy of customers, and generate insight on customers who didn’t use a membership card when shopping – they knew very little about this last group.

The challenge was for Edit to increase data capture, CRM conversion, customer insight, loyalty, and advocacy and to deliver personalised experiences to customers.

The Edit Effect

We began with a defined roadmap, outlining key deliverables and KPIs.

We then began utilising evolved audience segmentation to deliver an actionable customer experience framework and tailored customer journeys.

This involved segmentation, clustering, and using data touchpoints to create a hypothesis and objectives against enhanced segmentation. After that, we could turn strategy and insight into tangible actions.

Some of these included:

  • RFM segmentation to identify customers with similar shopping habits against recency, frequency, and value metrics.
  • Identifying the CRM narrative and what we want customers to do – ‘get in store’ or ‘engage’.
  • Aligning customer journey to RFM segments to enhance relevance and personalisation.
  • Creating pen portraits to advise content and messaging.
  • Defining business rules to determine how and when customers are assigned an RFM segment or persona.
  • Connecting all tech systems to enable personalisation throughout the whole journey – ESP, CDP, software management.

The project is now well underway. We’ve supercharged Southern Co-op’s data and exponentially increased what they know about their customers at the same time as helping them achieve true customer-centricity.