Staveley Head

Building quality links around Uber and Taxi insurance

The Client

Staveley Head is one of the most respected providers of insurance products to businesses and individuals in the UK. Since founding in 1991, they have steadily grown in both size and reputation, expanding their product range from car and home insurance to include motor trade, courier and taxi insurance.

Taxi ranks in decline

Staveley Head saw a drop in rankings for the term ‘Taxi’ following the Phantom update in February/March 2017. Because of this, Edit were challenged to put together a strategy to improve overall search rankings, specifically focusing on generating engagement and links around their taxi and Uber insurance offering.

Creating a mass appeal

The challenge was to create a story that appealed to the media and would produce nationwide press coverage and backlinks, and also attract new and unique visitors to the site.  The general cleanliness of our capital is often discussed, because of this, we wanted to see which is the cleanest form of transport – the Tube lines on the Underground, taxis/Uber, or London buses?

Working with the London Metropolitan University, we ran a study to explore the cleanliness of public transport, taking a total of 80 swabs across the capital. 121 different types of bacteria and mould were found, some potentially life threatening.

London under the microscope

To present the findings in a way which shocked and educated readers, we created ‘London Under the Microscope’ an interactive asset which allows users to virtually explore the Tube lines, taxis, and London buses using UV using an alternative mode within the asset.

This adds a dimension of interactivity as users can find the bacteria, see what kinds of bacteria were present, and find out what harm these bacteria could cause if the user were to encounter them.

The results

Following the launch of the exclusive on the Daily Mail, Staveley Head achieved 96 pieces of press/media coverage in just 9 days, with the video on the BBC reaching 2 million views in 24 hours.

So far, 18,800 people have interacted with our asset on Staveley Head’s website, with their average time spent over triple the site’s average at 4:35 minutes.

In terms of organic visibility, Staveley Head’s traffic index has jumped from 7.05% to 8.68% and we’ve seen a good boost in the taxi market, with 111 ranking keywords.

A month after launching the campaign, we saw a sudden increase in brand mentions for Staveley Head. The campaign started to spread again achieving an extra 25 pieces of media coverage. Following our campaign, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, released a statement promising to launch a clean-up operation within the Underground in London. He promised, “Cleaning of the London Underground will be stepped up each night over the summer to remove metal particles, dust, oil and grease from about 50 stations and five tunnels.”




minutes spent on site


increase traffic index in the Taxi market


increase traffic index in the Motor Trade market

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