Tesco Bank

The challenge

Tesco Bank’s Data and Insights Team support the company’s marketing activity but were hampered by a data latency of up to 10 days, meaning they could not react quickly to results, produce actionable insights or trigger daily campaigns.

Our solution

We switched hosting to our private cloud, which is refreshed daily.  We then harnessed the power of IBM’s Watson automation and integrated new software, creating a new data management platform.
We introduced a simple ‘next best action’ attribution to enable the bank to ramp up the number of campaigns without worrying about conflicts.

The outcome

Data latency was reduced from 10 days to 1 day. This enabled Tesco Bank to dramatically increase the timeliness of its campaigns.  The switch to cloud hosting also cut Tesco Bank’s monthly hosting fees.  We enabled Tesco Bank to improve the volume and timeliness of its campaigns without increasing manual effort.