Tesco Bank

The Client

With headquarters in Edinburgh, Tesco bank was initially formed as part of a 50:50 venture between The Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco but has been wholly owned by the supermarket giant since 2008.

The Problem

Tesco Bank came to Edit to find solutions to evaluate their marketing budget properly. 

  • Which digital strategies could they use to increase associated investment?
  • Was their paid social, owned space and display having impact on conversions?
  • What impact were affiliate and aggregator marketing programmes having on other marketing channels?
  • Could we conduct data analysis on declines and refers though digital channels?

Our Solution

 Implementing Digital Attribution, adding reporting and visualisation tools, and auditing digital analytics.

The results

Tesco Bank now receives more customer and trusted insights that cover conversion attribution, path to conversion analysis, assisted and role defining analysis, budget forecasting, and upweight per channel.

  • Informed a strategy to push higher spend to get more conversions.
  • Cost per acquisition was reduced by 7.5%


Cost per acquisition wes reduced by