Travel Counsellors

The challenge

Travel Counsellors operates a network of over 1,500 independent travel experts who provide personally-tailored travel itineraries with concierge-level service.  As the business grew, it struggled to match this service with highly personalised marketing.

Limited access to data and a lack of customer insight meant campaigns weren’t performing optimally.
That’s when they came to us.

Our solution

We proposed a four-tier strategy to overhaul Travel Counsellors traditional calendar-led marketing activity:

Single Customer View - Providing data visibility and analysis.

Analytics - Creating campaigns based on deep customer insight.

CRM consultancy – Redesigning the customer journey to build stronger relationships and more effective marketing campaigns

CRM platform – Implementing a new system for personalised campaigns in response to marketing ‘triggers’.

The outcome

We designed The Preference Centre this allows customers to specify what they want – to drive marketing personalisation.
CRM consultancy – we designed 3 triggered campaigns, which achieved booking uplift rates of 11%, 23% and 6%.

The data from the form feeds into the CRM platform and back to individual Travel Counsellors, providing insights into customers’ travel needs.

Edit is now delivering the project to Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.