Re-building Vue’s PPC strategy from the ground up

The Client

Vue Cinemas are one of the leading providers of cinematic entertainment and experience in the UK, showing the latest film releases with the best technology in the best environment.

Vue Cinemas was founded in the UK following the acquisition of Warner Village Cinemas in 2003 and is part of the largest cinema group in Europe, Vue International.

Fixing a broken model

Vue Cinemas came to us looking for us to shake up their current PPC strategy. Their previous account structure was hindering their growth and they were paying more than they should have for non-converting and converting terms.

PPC had never delivered any cost effective value – the challenge for us was to reverse this view.

We also had to ensure we would make PPC work without cannibalisation of organic traffic, but instead how we can make the two channels work together for greater gains.

A quick turnaround

In order for us to deliver growth we knew that we needed to urgently remove the wastage of spend on non-converting areas/keywords.  The only way we would be able to achieve this was to do a full restructure

The re-alignment and restructure was completed in less than a week. We created a detailed process for restructure and transition phased by location and campaign type, ensuring the smoothest transition possible, without any drops in performance.

Keeping it cost efficient

Bidding rules were built in DoubleClick to scale back on inefficient areas, giving us more room to support areas which were used to deliver more sales at a lower cost per action.

The results

Within two days of post migration on to Edit’s new structured accounts, there was an uplift of 336% in CTR, meaning more people were engaged with Vue’s ads.

We saw a 121% increase in conversions, meaning an immediate uplift in account efficiency and an 84% reduction in CPA, meaning more conversions for less cost.


increase in CTR


increase in conversions


uplift in organic visits


improved transactions


ROI on UK PPC bookings