We used social data to drive customer understanding and increase loyalty, leading to us beating forecast by 142%.

The Client

A chain of over 160 restaurants across the UK, Zizzi serves up delicious Italian food with a twist to thousands every day.

The results


We made current customers 25% more valuable


Delivered in new revenue

Our challenge

Zizzi had a problem: it knew next to nothing about its walk-in customers. That made it hard to turn them into repeat diners, even though Zizzi had a multitude of channels to reconnect with them. With our skill in drawing actionable insights out of data and connecting with the customer through emails and social, it was clear we were the perfect fit to help them.

How we solved it

We used a gateway on their in-restaurant Wi-Fi to enable us to identify the browsing habits of their clientele. With that, we could establish lookalike audiences across social platforms – and do it in a way that actually outperformed Facebook’s own algorithms for guessing Zizzi’s audience.

We offered these new audiences unique redemption codes via digital creative, then tracked them through Zizzi’s customer relationship management (CRM) systems for a year.

The outcome

We delivered customers who were 25% more valuable over the course of 12 months, with £360,000 of new revenue delivered. We even surprised ourselves; it put us 142% above forecast.