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Dynamics 365 Marketing can help Edit’s clients elevate customer experiences
across the entire customer journey.

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft’s suite of marketing technology is one of the most powerful and flexible on the market, from Azure’s cloud-based data and AI services to Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM capabilities and business applications.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Competency and have significant experience working with Microsoft to deploy bespoke solutions that enable automated one-to-one marketing journeys and management of large customer databases.

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Microsoft Gold Partner
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What we offer

Edit are Microsoft’s #1 implementer of
Customer Insights in the world due to the
amount of successful implementations we have
done to date and considered to be a key
strategic partner of Microsoft!

But we are a lot more than just a system
integrator – we bring decades of domain
experience to make the project a business
success not just a technical success.

In short, we help our clients build stronger
relationships with their clients and we use such
technology to help us to do that.

We understand the pain marketeers have and
speak their language, which gives us huge
credibility especially when making
recommendations around martech solutions


Why Dynamics 365?

Modern applications
Modern applications that deliver new experiences and
connect with a business’ existing systems to allow
organizations to digitally transform their way.
Applications that use mixed reality, the ability to take an
application that overlays on the reality in front of the
user, that guides them through a business process like
never before. Connect to information from social
networks, mobile devices, and micro-applications to
drive intelligence and inform a more effective
business process.

Unified data and processes
Unified data and processes that enable business without
silos. Centralized data enables disparate groups to work
together effectively with a single, trusted view of
processes, relationships, and data. Data connectors
allow thousands of systems to bring their data to a
single network.

Intelligence that delivers
Intelligence that delivers actionable insight. Data in the
new world includes social, relationship, and productivity
information in addition to insights generated by
business systems. The right solution requires a unified
approach that allows companies to automatically
leverage their data to decide and act in real-time with
expanded analytics, predictive algorithms, and
automated AI.

An extensible environment
An extensible environment that enables change. The
right solution establishes a data, communication, and
application environment that makes it easy to evolve and
extend existing business operations, while introducing
technologies that enable users to create solutions where
no solution exists and to expand data analysis