Data Science

Utilise the power of your data to make informed decisions and deliver ROI.

Our approach to Data Science 

Our data science team helps mitigate business risks and drive business outcomes.

We ensure that companies make smarter decisions by helping them understand the pattern and characteristics hidden within their data in order to help them deliver the best possible ROI.


Our Data Science services

Our data science services are completely bespoke to your needs, bringing together data science, analytics, and more – so you can turn your data into actionable insights. Here’s how we do it:

Profiling and segmentation

A better understanding of your customers is the key to making more cost-effective marketing decisions. 

Profiling and segmentation

A better understanding of your customers is the key to making more cost-effective marketing decisions. 

Attribution modelling

If you understand how relevant each customer touchpoint is then you’ll know how to spread out your marketing spend effectively. Attribution modelling helps to evaluate the importance of every customer touchpoint.

Predictive models

Knowing what your customer will do next tells you when and how to personalise your approach. We help you get closer to your customers by understanding their needs before they do and recommending the most relevant next action.

Machine learning

We use one of the most advanced machine learning platforms to develop models and automate them for you to engage consumers in real-time. 

Why use Edit for Data Science? 


What makes us different is the breadth of our offering and the depth of our experience. You see, we work with our CRM strategists as comfortably as we work with our marketing technologists, which gives us an end-to-end approach.

Not only are we experts in data, but we are also experts in how your data can impact strategy, which is invaluable for prioritising where to invest your marketing spend.

But we don’t leave out the detail. We will also help you to understand your customers, their behaviour, and how you can learn from it to predict future behaviours – enabling you to uncover what drives your audience’s decisions.

How we work with you

The need to understand your business, from both the data perspective and what happens on the ground, means that we will always work closely with you. We can do this in different ways: 

  • As specialist data scientists – statistical, technical and business skills all wrapped up together 
  • As consultants – advising and proposing approaches and solutions. 
  • As an overflow resource – to directly support your own analysts. 
  • As trainers – teaching you to deploy data science practices within your organisation and embed a culture of data science. 

What we can do for you

Intelligent Data

Data is at the heart of everything we do, bringing together data science and analytics to turn your data into powerful insights that deliver real, measurable business value.

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Transformational CRM

Your needs are our needs - which is why we take an audience-first approach, getting to know your customers and what makes them tick so we can create bespoke CRM strategies.

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Marketing Technology

Our consultants use a measured approach to deliver campaigns that are powered by data, so you can always react rapidly to ever-changing circumstances.

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Want to find out more about Data Science with Edit?

Here at Edit, we deliver bespoke solutions of any size, from statistical modelling to automated machine learning solutions, to give you real-time decision making via your data platform.

Our agnostic approach delivers solutions that are guided by your company’s needs. So, whether you’re seeking simple, one-off solutions or fully automated outputs, our data science services will cover the breadth of your needs and put business impact at the centre of our approach.

Contact our team of Editors to discover how we can help you utilise the power of your data.