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Our strategists, data scientists, data engineers, and mathematical and statistical masters, can provide the insights that others just can’t see. The result is clearer decision making and better return on investment.

Our approach to Digital Analytics

We bring together multi-disciplinary skills of technology, mathematics, and, most importantly, business and commercial acumen to provide data analytics that can transform your marketing strategy and your business at large. We drive outcomes by uncovering truth that lies in data.

Our approach to analytics, attribution modelling, and profiling and segmentation allow us to help you unlock your business’s potential.


  • Analytics – We measure the success of your marketing, tracking your goals and KPIs. We can flex to what you need, from first-time set-up to in-depth website analysis.
  • Attribution modelling – We’ll assess each customer touchpoint and work out their importance, demonstrating the true ROI of the steps of your media campaign. All to help you plan and budget better moving forward.
  • Profiling and segmentation – If you know who your audience is then you’re in the best position to market to them. Hand in hand with our data scientists, we offer profiling and segmentation to work out exactly who you should be speaking to. You might be surprised by the results.

Why use Edit for Digital Analytics?

Our team is made up of strategists, data scientists, data engineers, and mathematical and statistical masters, all of which have a strong marketing and business acumen. That mixture means they can provide the insights others just can’t see. The result for you is clearer decision making and better return from your actions.

Underpinning all this is Envision data dashboarding. It supports us, and you, every step of the way as a clear, simple, one-stop portal for measuring progress towards our combined objectives. You can get access, as well as us, so we’re able to be fully transparent with your performance.

Understanding your audience

We’ll get to know what your customers, existing and potential, are searching for and work out what Edit can offer to boost visits to your site and then get more conversions from that extra traffic.

One step further is our profiling and segmentation service, offered through our data science offering. We use third-party data to discover who is and who should be engaging with you to find out any similarities in their behaviours, traits, demographics, and motivations.

Using our analytics and attribution modelling capabilities, we can see how that audience already interacts with your site, where you generate the biggest return, and where you need to improve.

From there, we can work out the best approach to marketing to make your audience tick. We work alongside our expert teams, including paid media, PR, SEO, design, and content, to come up with effective campaigns and strategies to bring more customers in.

Reporting on results

We’re better equipped to track KPIs and goals, report at the right time, and offer insights that are as granular and you need. Basically, we make your campaign outcomes clearer by reporting on the results that matter. How is this possible? With our revolutionary technology, Envision.

Envision gives clients a way to customise the data they can view on their campaigns. We can set it up to track the most important metrics to your campaign – which we can help you pinpoint, if you need. It’s an easy-to-use tool that simplifies your data down to just the information you need or expands what you need to have eyes on.

Access it whenever. We can set up your own log-ins so you can track the results you want to know about as and when you like.

With this tool that can be customised to your needs, we can offer you a unique approach to data that’s more useful than any other agency right now.

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We train people to become data scientists and deploy data science practices within their organisations. We believe data science is not a one-off activity but a culture, and we help business leaders embed that culture.

Every training plan we build is bespoke to your brand and its needs. We cater to all levels. Whether you’re looking to introduce your teams to data science practices or you want to go the next level and deploy machine learning and deep-learning practices.

We also run specific technology training on our tools and train teams to develop data science solutions using those resources.

We are thought leaders and are frequently asked to present in conferences and events across the UK and Europe, such as BrightonSEO, and have won various prestigious awards for our data science work brands like yours improve business performance.

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