It brings us great pleasure to announce that Edit has achieved B-Corp status as of the 16th of February 2022. Edit continues its drive to be a force for good, a business that cares for people and planet, not just profit. To explain why this is such a momentous achievement, and how we accomplished it, key contributors People Director Stace Day, and Business Systems Manager Tom Mudd, share their experience below. 

But first, a brief explanation of B Corp 

B Lab is a non-profit network with a mission to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.  Starting in 2006, with the idea that a different kind of economy was not only possible, B Lab became known for certifying B Corporations, which are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

Doing business a better way 

Tom: We zoomed out and looked at how businesses are run, and we looked at Edit realised that many of the values that are integral to B Corp certification align with Edit’s values, where we were, or wanted to be. Not just from a top-down perspective but from soliciting the opinions of Editors at all levels of the business.  

We were passionate to be a force for good, and felt strongly about how business should operate, with the focus being on people and planet, so achieving B-Corp would solidify this aim into a more defined process.  

B-Corp is leading the movement on how business should be run, and out of all of the certifications available for businesses, it made the most sense for Edit to go for it over others where the focus is more commercial. 

The challenges we faced  

Tom: From my perspective the biggest challenge came from dealing with the vast breadth of data from across business that we needed to capture, to be able to use to evidence that we were meeting the requirements and standards. 

Stace: One thing we found particularly tricky was changing our articles of association. This was from a day-to-day task for us, as it essentially involves having to amend the company’s founding documents– so there was a steep learning curve! The more time we invested in the process, the more areas we discovered where we saw that we had the potential to grow into, to make the needed changes. The process became about the continual push for development. 

Advice for other organisations  

Stace: My biggest piece of advice for any organisation who wanted to begin the B Corp certification process would be to build networks. Find companies that have achieved it already for their help and guidance, it’s tough to go it alone, be open to collaboration, build relationships with someone that can advise you.  

Tom: You’ll need support from people that have a broad understanding of your business, the combination of myself and Stace make a great team, with Stace in a leadership and people focused position, and me with a wider understanding of the business’s processes, we had great scope to be able to respond to all of the requirements for evidencing our policies and ways of working. 

Be prepared for total transparency in the interviews, there will be areas of your business (as there are with all, especially those that have been around a few years) that have ways of working, or clients with ways of working that don’t perfectly align with B Corp’s purpose, and that’s okay. But you have to be ready to bare all and then you can start to commit to making the changes for better practices in future. Business will always be about making money but ultimately, capitalism needs to become a force for good. 

And don’t underestimate the undertaking – the time and detail required are huge, this is not a tick box exercise. Don’t do it on a whim, it will take more than a year. If you want it, be ready to commit and give it your all, and ask for support from those who have achieved it already. 

Strengths and next steps  

Stace: Edit were already providing some great B Corp aligned services, examples include our mental health awareness drives, and the charitable initiatives that we lead, our Lifestyle Benefit, and our sustainability efforts, but the B Corp certification process really opened our eyes to how much more could be done. Suddenly, conversations around all things B Corp were developing naturally across all levels of the business, it really captured the hearts and minds of our Editors. 

The questions we were asked in the rounds of interviews are designed to encourage you to present your policies to prove your better ways of working. I’ve realised now, that if I were to change jobs, it would be a definite requirement for any business I’d choose to work for, it’s really impressed upon me the people and planet-first approach to working. 

We’re taking this brief pause to celebrate, and then we are getting right back to it, to making business better for people and planet, not just for profit. 

Our B Corp journey doesn’t end now that we’ve become certified, this is just the beginning.  


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