We often get asked by new clients to clarify the benefits that Double Click can offer to their business. The tool is constantly evolving and it’s critical to the success of our paid campaigns. It’s also key in understanding cross-channel performance and attribution. Below is a top line summary of the key benefits of using Double Click.

Cross channel tracking (Double Click Campaign Manager)

If you optimise campaigns at a platform level (e.g. using Adwords pixels, Facebook pixels) this is a very important consideration. When optimising within Google, Bing and Facebook, conversions are only understood from those channels in isolation. The silo-based understanding of results can double or triple count conversions and ultimately give an unclear view of the role of each channel in relation to the other.

For example, a user could click on a Facebook ad, and then a Google ad, and then a Bing ad before generating a lead. When optimising in Adwords, Bing and Facebook interfaces, all 3 of those platforms have dropped a cookie and all three will report a conversion, whereas in reality it’s only one. Not only will using Double Click prevent duplicated conversions from being reported, but it will also help us understand the relationship between different platforms. In particular, brand and non-brand in the user journey.

Over time, once data has been collected for a sustained period, attribution modelling can be carried out to find the true value of each channel in the user journey, allowing us to maximise the opportunity from paid channels in both efficiency and volume.

Search optimisation technology (Double Click Search)

Double Click Search is a platform developed by Google to give ‘enterprise’ level optimisation technology to help agencies and large clients increase their ROI from paid search. It allows for the management of Adwords, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo! Japan accounts from one place. The key benefits (and there are many more) are as follows:

  • Management of multiple engine accounts from one interface: Within Double Click, you can seamlessly manage Bing and Adwords accounts from one place. We can add, pause, or activate parts of the account from a central location, increasing the efficiency of campaign management to ensure that Bing gets as much attention and focus as it deserves for its ever-increasing market share.
  • Cross-Platform, automated bidding strategies: A key component to the success of search accounts is the bidding strategy that is deployed. Within Double Click you can set up bidding strategies on multiple conversion metrics, across multiple engine accounts.
  • Labelling of keywords across accounts: Keywords across accounts can be labelled from one place. For example, ‘top emerging keywords’ across Adwords and Bing can be labelled, reported on and optimised, all from one place. Any label types can be used to allow the agency to categorise keywords in different ways. Bidding strategies can also be deployed across different label groups (e.g. ‘top 2 positions on emerging keywords’). You can also create dynamic labelling of keywords, which helps to track keyword movements in and out of portfolio groups.
  • Business Metrics: Double Click allows the input of business metrics for optimisation. For example, we could feed ‘confirmed leads’ back into the platform, which would be allocated back to a click and a keyword for optimisation. You can feed any business data seen as beneficial from the customer journey into the platform (e.g. revenue). The data can be refreshed throughout the day via feeds.
  • Sharing of data across the Double Click Stack: If you are running display activity through Double Click Bid Manager there is an opportunity to share cookie data into PPC campaigns and vice-versa.
  • Import Natural Search Data: As well as having a single conversion metric across Facebook, Bing and Adwords, you can also opt to import natural search data to further understand the relationship between SEO and paid media channels.

There are many more beneficial ways to use Double Click to support the optimisation of campaigns, but we hope the above guide will help give you a bit of clarity as to what it can do. As a rule, the benefits above deliver a good ROI considering the investment required from increased campaign efficiency and conversion volume.

If you have any other questions feel free to get in touch with our paid teams at Branded3 for more information.


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