Can you afford not to cleanse your data?

Today there is a story in Decision Marketing highlighting just how important data cleanse is to any business.  The story dates back to 2018, when a mother received a letter from Manchester City Council, asking her to register her son for a place at a local primary school, even though he had passed away three years earlier.

Whilst the most serious point here is the distress caused to the family, the council is now facing potential financial compensation claims for their lack of data management procedures.  Not to mention, they’ve the amount of money they’ve wasted on print, postage they are also at risk from significant reputational damage.

The distress caused was wholly avoidable, had they had a structured process for data cleanse this could have been avoided.

It doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming to build in processes to protect against this type of incident, don’t let your business fall into this trap.  Contact the PURA team for a free data audit.

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