Understanding What Data Can Do for Our Clients

What makes a brilliant and successful Editor? (And by “Editor”, we are, of course, referring to our staff here at Edit by their affectionately given nickname).  

Data underpins everything we do as a business. We believe it’s vital for every Editor, – regardless of their job role, to have a fundamental understanding of the various roles data plays in delivering success for our clients.  

That’s why we created Data Fundamentals – an internal programme through which Editors can deepen their shared understanding and appreciation of the role every department plays. It’s our means of fostering a data first mindset across everything we do.  

Our Data Fundamentals programme is designed to be accessible at every level of the business. It uses jargon free language to explain the data function, giving every Editor a sense of the possibilities of our client data.  The programme also gives an opportunity to our clients to understand the value of data, which leads to a more involved customer experience. 

How does our Data Fundamentals programme create understanding of our data strategy? 

The contents of the programme give the reader a zoomed-out view of why companies need data strategies, how using data intelligently can solve our clients’ problems, and how our teams can build a data strategy.  

The programme looks at how our data experts here at Edit make client’s data work better, develop an understanding of the tools we use, and what resources are available to us to predict what’s next and measure success. 

The Data Fundamentals programme describes the 5 main groups of data projects in detail, describing their output and impact, using case study examples to help give further understanding. 

How does Edit put data to work? 

Data underpins all that we do at Edit, not only is it one of our 3 pillars, it is also a key component to Connected Acquisition and Transformational CRM. 

Some examples of how we use intelligent data include:  Attribution Modelling – to assess each customers touchpoints, the importance of those touchpoints to demonstrate ROI across all steps of our clients’ media campaigns. 

Offline Attribution can be used to measure the impact of offline campaigns, using code matching and address match-backs. 

Using Power BI enables Edit to find, connect, and visualise data to gain deeper insight. 

Beyond listing and detailing the credentials and nuances of each department, the programme also encourages Editors to be more proactive in their use of data day-to-day. Editors are encouraged to return to the programme on an ongoing basis to discover the best resource for accessing available third-party data. The programme contains an extensive list of research tools, in depth descriptions of the tools’ functions, and points the reader in the direction of an Edit Guru who can be contacted for help and better understanding of how the tools can get the required data. 

Test your knowledge to earn your AccrEDITation 

Once Editors have completed the programme, they are invited to take part in the AccrEDITation. A knowledge test that demonstrates their newly acquired expertise. It is our aim for 100% of Editors to have completed the AccrEDITation

The knowledge test starts with several multiple-choice questions designed to jog your memory of the information you’ve just attained from the Data Fundamentals Programme, prompting you to link together the services offered by Edit with the team delivering them. The quiz quickly gets you thinking critically, sending you off to various websites to speculate on how data is gathered and used.  

The final few questions encourage you to implement the broader spectrum of thinking that encompasses the groupings of projects from the Data Fundamentals programme and will leave you pondering the use of data long past hitting the final submit button. 

In summary… 

Edit’s new Data Accreditation programme offers every Editor a chance to improve and expand upon their data credentials, while widening their understanding of how different departments across the business use data to deliver value for clients. A shared understanding of the power of data is integral to Edit’s culture and we are proud that our Data Fundamentals programme allows that to flourish.

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