Google Search Console gives over 5000 rows of search query data

When Google limited the amount of search query data available in the search console interface to 1000 rows, there was uproar, there were tears and then SEOs moved on, mourning the death of yet more valuable keyword data. What many didn’t realise was that there was always more keyword data in the API – up to 5000 rows.

Now Google has released yet more keyword data.

Earlier this month Google updated it’s Search Console API. In it there was a small paragraph with the heading…” Getting more than 5000 rows”.


How do I get more keywords?

At this point you’re probably thinking…API – that’s sounds technical and you’re right – whoever said technical SEO is dead really needs to think again. If the prospect of being placed at the back of the development queue doesn’t quite appeal to you, there are other ways to get to this data.

Getting more search queries using tools

This is possibly the easiest and most adaptable, but it is a paid solution. Two tools I recommend for this are Supermetrics and Analytics Edge.


Supermetrics has various query methods including versions of the software that can integrate with Excel or Google Sheets. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Excel version is cheaper and allows access to all the benefits of working in Excel, but you’ll need to get a bit technical in terms of installing and using functions to query the data.

The Google sheets version is more expensive, you’ll need to opt for the PRO version to gain access to search query data, but you are provided with a useful UI to walk you through the query process.


Analytics Edge is an Excel based plugin, and differs from the Excel version of Supermetrics by integrating a UI, making it slightly easier to use.


SPECIAL NOTE: The querying of data exceeding 5000 rows is still relatively new and a conversation with Supermetrics suggests that there still needs to be some work done before it’s fully stable.

Getting more search queries using Google Analytics

A more interesting and free way to do this is to use Google Analytics and link it up with Search Console. Currently you can get up to 5000 rows of query data daily using this method but I’m sure this will be extended once the API issues are sorted, so this is one to watch.

You’ll need to be tracking your site with Google Analytics and use the same username for both Google Analytics and Search Console. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1)       Verify site ownership in search console – using the verify with Google Analytics tracking code is the easiest
2)       Linking Google Analytics with Search Console

You will need Admin permissions to be able to continue the next part.

Click Admin then select Property Settings.

Setting up search console

Scroll to the bottom and there will be an Adjust Search Console button.

If you have verified your web properties correctly, clicking on this button will ask which views you would like to associate with the Search Console account.


Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to wait for data to populate then navigate in Google Analytics to Acquisition – Search console – Queries.


You’ll need to download the results 5000 rows at a time if using the analytics interface.

Moving forward, this may be a trend that we see more of from Google: providing access to more granular and specialist data only if you know what and how to access, think disavow uploaded via API for example.

Is technical SEO dead? Only for those who aren’t technical.

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