Why you should be using homemover data

Using homemover data to mail properties where the individuals are in the process of a home move can be a very effective medium for companies to market their products and/or services.

This is particularly true for industries whose products or services are closely aligned with the event of a move, such as utilities, telecommunications and retail. From an acquisition perspective, consumers are on average much more likely to switch brands for their utility and telco services when moving home, compared to almost any other stage of their lives.

This is also the stage at which it is key to try and stop the churn as much as possible and retain customers, making the move that much easier for your customer. The data is also very valuable to retail brands, due to the timeliness and relevancy of their advertisements during this event. This can range from brands selling new kitchens and bathrooms to brands advertising white goods and home furnishings.

Homemover data allows brands to target individuals throughout the key stages of the home move process and beyond, which spans:

  • The weeks and months leading up to a move (pre-move)
  • On the move (during the move)
  • The weeks and months after the move (post-move)

The data is highly targeted and precise, allowing brands to reach individuals at specific stages of the move when they’re most likely to be in need of their products and services. This strongly aligns with Edit’s approach to the targeted acquisition strategies we employ across our client’s data and media plans.

Where does homemover data come from?

Homemover data is compiled from various sources across the UK, including:

  • Postal redirection form
  • Conveyancing surveys
  • Online estate agents
  • Local estate agents
  • Mortgage applications

The properties are then given a predicted move date, identifying when a move is deemed most likely to take place. The data is predominantly used for “Dear Occupier” acquisition mailings and for marketing existing customers or prospects directly.

There is also the opportunity to use this homemove trigger to enhance other channel communications to existing customers and prospects, such as Email, SMS and Outbound Telephone leads. Thus creating a multi-contact channel campaign, which has often proved to be very effective.


Why use homemover data?

Homemover data is a unique trigger, which can be extremely effective when incorporated within a brand’s marketing activity, as a homemove is often associated with an increase in purchasing activity. This is driven by a variety of factors, some of which are due to necessity and some which are driven by indulgence, with people purchasing luxury items for their new homes.

This means that marketers across a variety of sectors can take advantage of this highly targeted opportunity. With over 1 million home moves typically occurring over the course of a year, across the renting and buying markets, there is scope to scale robustly and optimise your campaign.


Targeting opportunities

There are various targeting opportunities when mailing homemover data. Attributes such as property type, stage of move, location, number of floors, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms etc. can all be used to make a better targeted decision on how to communicate to these individuals.

Further targeting can then be added with predictive modelling techniques, which can incorporate the property level data, geo-demographic data and customer response data to generate a comprehensive view of what addresses you should be targeting with which creative message and offer.


Conjoining data sets

As homemover data is supplied at address level, this means the data can be conjoined with other data sets to further increase the relevancy and targeting of other channels. By matching the homemover data to consented data captured via lead generation, you can create future marketing comms that are more relevant and effective.

You can also upload the homemover data you are mailing to a specific Sky Adsmart TV Campaign and tailor a homemover message via a different platform. This will increase the number of targeted touchpoints your brand has with a consumer during this period.

As consumers are being exposed to such high volumes of marketing, planning and executing campaigns which are relevant and targeted will have a substantial uplift to a brand’s performance.


Why use Edit?

Edit have extensive experience sourcing, planning, purchasing and managing homemover data for a variety of clients. We have helped our clients execute award-winning campaigns, thanks to a market-leading data management platform and considerable brokering experience.

Many clients may just use one supplier of the data, but Edit’s position as an independent data broker means that we have access to all the available homemover data on the market. This means that we can supply higher volumes of the data which in turn leads to more conversions to sale.

As there are a multitude of different sources of homemover data derived from different triggers, these sources can perform differently for each industry. Edit therefore prioritises certain suppliers’ data, based on performance further improving conversion which has a positive effect on CPA (cost per acquisition).

In summary, if a purchase of your product and/or service aligns with the event of a home move, this data can be extremely effective. It should become a mainstay in your weekly or monthly campaigns and when managed efficiently by Edit, should continuously deliver outstanding ROI.

For more information, or to discuss how homemover data could work for your brand, contact: hello@edit.co.uk

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