News: Edit joins forces with Salesforce 

Back in August of 2022, Edit received news that our partnership with Salesforce had been confirmed, since then we have been working hard at gaining certifications in preparation to deliver Salesforce technologies to our clients. 

We’re proud to announce that since the 22nd of November Edit have achieved a place in the full stack Developer Programme, and our team has received 17 Salesforce certifications and 4 SFMC consultant qualifications as of the 8th of December. 

Building a Salesforce Practice with a specific focus on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud stack enables Edit to extend our expertise in deploying and configuring marketing technology to our clients via 5 solutions. 

  1. Engagement – Engage your customers from anywhere with intelligent marketing automation. 

2. Personalisation – Speak to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time with real-time recommendations, offers and experiences. 

3. Account Engagement – Support your marketing campaigns that leverage more extensive amounts of data. 

4. Intelligence – Connect your entire ecosystem of marketing data using AI-powered data integration. 

5. Customer Data Platform – Unlock the value of real-time customer data to create and leverage a Single Source of Truth (SSoT). 


We’re excited to improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty for our clients, if this sounds like what your brand needs to help optimise connections with your customers for future success, you can contact us at hello@edit.co.uk for a free consultation. 



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